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How to be the 'Perfect' Client

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So what makes a great client? Is it looks? Money? Charm? No, none of these. The two things I value most are cleanliness and a respectful nature.

I would hope most adults would understand the need to be squeaky clean just prior to sex, but in case you don't, let me give you some pointers.

You cannot be too clean. Freshly washed hair, clean, minty breath and short clean nails. Your butt crack and penis + genital area should be free from long hair (you don't need to remove it all) and your foreskin retracted and scrubbed beneath. Twice. Wash under your arms and use antiperspirant.

Respectful. This starts from our first contact. It means you introduce yourself when you text or email, let me know what you want, when you would like to see me and for how long. When I ask you to pay a deposit you do so quickly and don't grumble. When I arrive at your hotel you have an unsealed envelope with my fee and ask me to count the contents.

Physically, you respect my body and ask me to let you know if you do anything I don't like. You are aware of my body language and are hyper vigilant to ensure you don't cross any boundaries.  Perhaps you had a drink or two to relax before I arrived, but you are not blind drunk or off your head on drugs.

Extended dates introduce another level of complexity. To make sure we both have a great time, you invite me to help choose the hotel for our rendezvous and  you checked with me prior as to the things I enjoy doing on an overnight or weekend date.  Real effort is made to ensure some of these things are included in our time together - thank you! You understand I still have some private matters to take care of and so on each full day of our date, you give me two hours time to myself away from you, to check messages and contact my support team, so they know everything is fine.

You know that we will spend our date in a wonderful fantasy dream world of great sex, laughter, amazing food and fun adventures. And although it's always sad when this special, magical time comes to an end, you are happy to have such incredible memories to sustain you until the next time. And there will be a next time!! ;)

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