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The expression 'value-for-money' (VFM), is so subjective, don't you think? I hear clients talk about it and read reviews that mention it and often wonder what criteria is used to measure it. Does VFM capture things like comfort, laughter and mental connection? Or is it about how much fucking time and how many orgasms you can squeeze into the x hours you booked for?

When setting my rates I did a number of things. The first was ask myself what do I need to earn per hour, in order to provide a quality service that I feel adequately compensated for. I then thought about the type of clientele I wanted to attract and how much time out of my week I could spend on escort dates. After that, I started to think about my day job and what sort of dollar ratio was acceptable to me between my professional role and a paid sex one. Finally, I considered demand and where the market is at.

I much prefer to spend more time with a new lover; I really enjoy 3 or 4 hour dates. When writing my advertisement the first time, I thought about how I could encourage longer bookings. I am definitely not a "wham bam, thank you ma'am" kind of girl!  I decided a pre-payment discount for longer bookings could be one option. For 2 hour bookings or longer, pre-payers reveive a 20% discount, which applies to GFE or Fetish bookings. This means that well-organised lovers who book a city hotel and pay in advance can see me for a two hour GFE booking for $560. A four hour dinner date (2 hours meal, 2 hours play), comes down to $800. Is this VFM?  Only you the client can judge, but I certainly hope so!!

I am always looking for ways to give a quality service, while being appropriately rewarded for my time and effort. I don't want to make my price structure too complicated, but if you have any interesting ideas around escort pricing do drop me a note and let me know.

Happy punting!

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