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Full-time versùs Part-time escorting

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I have a wonderful group of friends who also escort, or work elsewhere in the sex industry. Over cocktails, good food, or just a night of chatter and frivolity we share thoughts about the pros and cons of full-time versus part-time sex work. Both have long lists of advantages and disadvatages.

I write from the perspective of a part-time, low volume girl and I shall detail my thoughts on the pros of each below:

**Pros of full-time**

^^Far greater flexibility around when to meet^^

If a client wishes to meet me during a week day, it would be really tricky to organise. It can happen, but only for bookings made well in advance, of at least 2 hours duration and pre-paid in full. Trips away are similarly tricky. I have a mid-week Queensland booking later in the year, which was confirmed months ago - it really does take that sort of pre-planning. Of course, not everyone likes to be so well-organised, although I can't tell you how much I appreciate it when someone does make a booking with so much notice!


It is more likely that a touring lady will visit your neck of the woods than a part-time lady. Why? It is too hard for me to take time off from work mid-week to make a trip interstate unless I have a confirmed booking of sufficient length. I lose a day's pay for not working at my full-time job, so any bookings that take me away from that need to be lucrative. I am happy to travel at the weekends for extended dates - and love doing so!

^^Network of other workers^^

If you work in the sex industry full-time, you no doubt have a well-established network of other ladies and gents, who can join you for doubles or group fun. Having said that I believe I have a pretty good network too and am connected to other fabulous providers all around Australia. If you are contemplating sex group fun, talk to me!

**Pros of Part-time**


I am a low volume part-time escort, meaning that on average I take 2 - 5 bookings each month. No, that is not a typo; I don't mean per week, I do indeed mean per month. As a result, I am always exceptionally frisky and if it has been a couple of weeks since my last date - watch out!!

^^Peace of Mind^^

Like all industries, sex work goes through quiet times. As I do have another income stream I get to enjoy the luxury of turning away clients I don't feel will be a perfect match. When I was a full-time sex worker I took almost all bookings, even if I didn't think we'd have a great connection - and I didn't enjoy that.


This one is a biggie. As I don't depend on sex work to pay my critical bills, I am able to keep prices low. A few days ago I was booked by a couple who pre-paid. The cost for a 3 hour GFE date? $960. No way could I offer $320 per hour to see a couple if I relied on sex work to pay my rent. I just couldn't do it. My rates would double.

So here you have some of my thoughts on the advantages of both full and part-time escorting. Do let me know your thoughts. Would love your feedback at

Carla xxx

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