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Connections: long-lasting and other

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One of the most rewarding parts of being an escort is the type of connections one develops over the years. I have been fortunate to have three long-running companion relationships. The first two have ended; one gentleman was transferred to the US, the other returned to Japan. This was quite a number of years ago, but I still think of them both and wonder what's going on in their lives. My third relationship is ongoing and has been a delight I hope to enjoy for many more years.

Then there are other connections that are far more fleeting. It is strange to have a date that you think is truly know the ones I am sure, the extended dates, overnights or longer, where you both open up and talk from the heart about anything and everything. You say farewell and promise to see each other very soon - then nothing. The silence is deafening. Perhaps you text in a month to see how he is and you do get a reply (he's far too polite to ignore you), but the response is just friendly; the passion, enthusiasm and desire for more wonderful encounters seems to have vanished. I find the comedown of these dates the very hardest. I worry and fret and mull over every detail, wondering if I did sonething wrong. How did a great encounter with such intensity simply vaporise, as if it had never been?

I am learning to be less sensitive and feel less rejected by these encounters, but they still have the power to subdue my otherwise happy nature. To me, it seems so strange and inconsistent to let such a connection go. They don't happen all the time.

Have you had a one-off, fabulous encounter with an escort you had every intention of seeing again, then the moment passed? If so, I would love to hear about it. Do email me at the address detailed on my profile. I would love to hear about what happened.

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