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Avoiding the dreaded timewaster!

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I feel very fortunate that since I've been escorting, I've managed to avoid the problem of timewasters that so many girls complain bitterly about.

Thinking about how I have done this, there are a few fundamentals that I suspect are key to my success that I would like to share.

**No last minute bookings**

I state on my profile that I need at least 24 hours notice for a booking, but in reality, most clients book a week or two in advance. I like forward planning as it gives me time to ensure I'm in the best possible shape for our date. What does this mean? It means I am waxed, freshly pedicured and my hair has been professionally blow-waved. Before every date, yes.

It also means my client has had a chance to plan and fantasise. There's the organisation of a hotel room, not to mention the flirting and teasing that leads up to our date. Delicious!

The other advantage of no last minute dates is avoiding clients who are possibly on drugs or under the influence of excessive amounts of alcohol and make a spur-of-the-moment decision "I should call an escort!".

**No late bookings (or 'party' bookings)**

I don't take bookings after about 8pm or 9pm. Why? Because nothing good happens late in the night. I want to enjoy bookings with wonderful men, women and couples who are fully mentally and emotionally present and compos mentis. This is also why I decline requests to 'party'.


I know this is contentious, but I do take deposits from new clients, for couple bookings and for long dates. I understand some people don't want to pay them and in that case, I'm probably not the escort for you. I do have a clearly worded cancellation policy on my profile so clients understand what will happen to the deposit or pre-payment in the event they cancel, or I do (I haven't cancelled or even rescheduled yet).

**Outcalls to private homes**

No bookings for new clients at their home unless they have passed a thorough identification verification check. No exceptions.

**First impressions**

These do count. I get my fair share of messages saying "Nice tits!", "avail?" and "u free now?" While I enjoy seeing on social media some of the witty exchanges girls get into with these rude men, I find the best approach is to simply ignore the messages. A lecture from me isn't going to change a rude punter into a pleasant, well-mannered one, so why waste my energy? Better to save my communication skills for the lovely, polite clients who contact me.

**Having another income**

I am fortunate that I do not rely on escorting to pay my bills. If I had to, perhaps I might at times take bookings I wasn't so sure about just because I had to pay a bill. As things stand, I am fortunate to escort because I enjoy meeting interesting new people, I am highly sexual and the extra income helps me achieve some life goals.

That's probably enough ramble from me! If you can think of another topic you think would make a good diary entry, do message me :)

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