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Hi there!

I thought that this platform would be such a great way for me to express and share myself with you on a level that i can't convey through pictures or 160 characters..
I have never been much of a writer so it will be a very new thing for me :)

“It’s easy to take off your clothes and have sex. People do it all the time. But opening up your soul to someone, letting them into your spirit, thoughts, fears, future, hopes, dreams… that is being naked.”
- Rob Bell

I have seen a few other gorgeous ladies say what I'm about to say.. and I want to share in a bit more depth about what that means for me :)

When I give myself to you.. I give it all.

I'm not just talking about the physical form, which is obviously the main attraction for most people, but I REALLY share my heart and soul to the people I meet and connect with.
In fact, I couldn't hide it if I tried! and oh have I tried.. I tried for years to hide who I was, out of fear of peoples judgements, reactions and projections. I'm sure everyone can relate to this in some form :)

Spending the past year living in Thailand, on a beautiful and extremely powerful island called Koh Phangan, I spent my time coming face to face and very deeply confronted with my shadow. Seeing and understanding the ways that I was hiding, from not just the world, but also myself.. and a big part of this shadow manifested around my Sexuality.

I've always had such strong and intense sexual energy - and a seemingly unquenchable thirst to go deeper and deeper into this. Always wanting MORE!
It has been a big factor in my relationships, and resulted in me never feeling truly met by my partners - not feeling safe enough for me to really tap into and express my Wild Woman.. and GOD she is wild!!
This past year has had me seeing and owning the ways in which I was projecting this frustration onto my partners that I was having with myself - noticing the ways that I had been denying, suppressing and avoiding my own raw and erotic sexual nature after constantly being told and feeling that I was too much for them to handle.. so I started to believe it, and eventually I pushed her down deeeep within me and ignored her.. hoping she would go away and I could just be 'normal' and satisfied..

My gosh how that is different now...
To be honest, I always thought about escorting since I was younger.. I felt so guilty and ashamed to think about (and admit) the fact that it was actually something i would LOVE to do!
And after spending this past year deeply immersing myself in this life changing, profound psychotherapeutic based erotic embodiment work - I have met and reclaimed this part of me! AND IT FEELS SO FUCKING GOOD! I feel liberated! and as a result, I am unapologetic about what i do, because it comes from my HEART! I have given myself permission to make the platform to truly be and express the parts that I have missed for so long.. reclaiming my essence!

In the way I do this is quite different to many other of my gorgeous working sisters.. and I want to share with you how that is.

I am not just going to see you because you can afford to pay my rate.. I want to spend time with Men who can truly appreciate and hold space for a Woman, in whatever form that may come in.. we all know the unpredictable, wild and beautiful waves that Shakti flows in ;) (fun fact: sometimes my orgasms are so intense that I burst into tears and waves of ecstatic pleasure and bliss!) and I need a man who can hold space for that!
What does holding space mean?
In short, being truly present. Being with someone in that moment - with no judgements - just happy to be there with them on that shared journey together, Accepting, what Is.

This is the foundation of my essence/service/experience; When I am with you, there is nowhere else I want to be than with you, in the moment we have created together.

I can tell you that this is the thing that has resulted in me attracting the most incredible, loving and devoted 'clients'.. and is why the time we spend together is completely genuine, unpretentious, from the heart - and present.
I am constantly so amazed and bursting with gratitude that these beautiful Men choose me to share this time with - and I do not take that for granted for a second.

There is such a big separation between Sex and Intimacy these days - and we are so unconsciously (or consciously) detached from this.. to be honest, most of us don't even know how it feels to be truly intimate with ourselves. To really SEE ourselves. For the absolute DIVINE beings that we are.. Knowing that there is nothing we need to do, be or change in order to be enough, loved and worthy of good things.
When is the last time you gazed truly, deeply into the eyes of a lover, without saying anything? Knowing that there is no words to be said. And even if you tried, they couldn't begin to capture the feelings racing through you.
Have you ever looked at a Woman straight and interrupted in the eyes while she orgasms? It is POWERFUL! - For the both of you!

Do you feel nervous at the thought of having that experience? Or perhaps you have and it has absolutely changed your life? I want to know!
And if you are feeling curious.. enchanted and drawn to it.. I want to share this with you.
I want to meet, see and just BE with you. Just as you are. I will show up for you, if you are willing to show up for me :)
There is nothing you need to do. Except send me an email ;)

"Show me the parts of you that you do not love, so I know where to begin"

Til next time..
Avani x

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