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My desire is for you to truly take advantage of the opportunity you have to spend time with me while it's available..

Why? Because i deeply fucking care about you as a person. And i don’t even know you! But i don’t need to know you to care about you and support you.
I want the absolute BEST for you in life. I want to help you to get the best out of your life!
I'm not just here to look pretty and fuck you good. I know i can do that - but the thing with that is it's empty.
It will feel good for a while and then in a couple days, you'll need your fix again. And that leaves both people in a self perpetuating cycle of co dependence and superficial, temporary satisfaction. That's not the kind of life i want for me and it's not the kind of life i want for you.

I do this work because i DEEPLY care about and love Men. I spend a lot of my time studying the masculine energy, and cultivating this within myself so i don't need to outsource it from another.

And in the process of doing that.. I gain deeper and deeper compassion around what it is to be a Man! It’s fucking hard work. There’s a lot of shit you guys cop and a lot of acknowledgement you don’t get.

And i also know from my experience in this work, that a lot of you come to escorts because you crave intimacy and connection and unfortunately seeing a sex worker is the only socially ‘normal’ way to get that.
That hurts my heart a lot. That it can be such a hardening journey to be a Man that there is an inevitable detachment from your softness, feeling, emotion and beauty that it’s just easier to pay a woman and be surrounded by hers.

That’s the reality of why majority of Men see sex workers, weather they know it or not.
They outsource their Feminine (The Feminine/Yin energy exists within us ALL, this is feeling, receptivity, surrender, expression, creation etc)

If we consciously look into ALL our dynamics in life, we are constantly, unconsciously trying to get needs met from outside of us that we haven’t yet cultivated within.
This is the journey of what it is to be a human. And why connection is SO important!
Because when we bring awareness to this natural part of our fractured psyche, the only thing it wants is to be WHOLE.. Which means in the process of looking to feel whole, we attract/look for things outside of us that we have previously disowned when growing up and forming an identity/learning what is 'good and bad, right and wrong etc' ... and we try to integrate them.

We are all trying to get our needs met in life.. My gift is to be able to know what yours are and my devotion is supporting you to get them met through your own hand so you’re not stuck in the power game dynamics of the sex industry your whole life.
That doesn't mean you can't enjoy the deliciousness available in this sexy world.. it means you're choosing that from a totally empowered, FULL place within yourself. How good does that sound?!

There’s a quote that says ‘A true healer will always lead you back to yourself’ (or something along those lines lol)

And that’s totally how i feel with this work.

I am not interested in using my Feminine magic to manipulate or gain power/validation.

I already know i am powerful, amazing and magical! My own inner man energy reminds me of this :)

What i do want is for our time together to naturally lead you back to the magnificence of your own heart. The place you might unconsciously be looking for in between my legs.

I want to show you how to feel yourself more, and naturally from that you will feel me more.
I want to hold eye contact with you in the most intimate, vulnerable and ecstatic moments of pleasure and bliss.
I want there to be full permission for either or both of us to burst into tears as we orgasm so that this energy can flow through our whole bodies until time stands still.
I want to worship your cock, and love on him weather he is hard or soft, i want him to know how perfect and beautiful and strong he is regardless of if he is pleasuring me.

I want you to truly know, that there is nothing you need to do or be to be loved and celebrated.

I want you to feel seen. Because I do see you.

I don't know how long i will be doing this work for, but while I am feeling the soul call to do it for now.. I am in full, loving, devotional service to you.

If you feel the pull to see me... follow it.

Trust that. Trust yourself.
I promise you won't regret it xo

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