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Date published: March 9, 2020 at 4:12 pm
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While I was in Perth recently, I had the special opportunity to meet up with Heidi. Similar to many of her other reviews, her online photos do not do her justice. She was the girl you admire from across the room until you notice she’s captured everyone attention, she seems just approachable enough, if I could only summon the right words to start a conversation. I didn’t but based on her poise I suspected I would be able to find her on here.

I found her on SB and knew not to miss this opportunity. What made Heidi really special is her ability to make you feel at ease. She is refreshingly genuine, extremely witty and can speak several languages well. Spanish, German and Afrikaans, I was impressed as I’m Dutch.

After some initial conversation and a quick shower, we had an opportunity to take our new found friendship to the next level, she asked me what I liked and then told me what she wanted. Being taken control of like that will be one of the most memorable and fulfilling experience for both our lives.

Afterwards, she thanked me in four different languages!
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