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Date published: March 6, 2020 at 4:57 pm
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Reviews are based on one's personal opinions, thus must be taken with a grain of salt.. neverless, my opinions will holds true to those who know her and are reading this, and a guarantee for those considering about meeting this lovely lady.

For starters, the statement "the photos simply doesn't do her justice" stands true when it comes to Kendall, which, in my personal opinion, she really looks almost looks like a photoshop-version of her pictures.

Kendall, your photos simply failed to capture your mesmerising gaze, nor being able to shed light on your bubbly, charming and affectionate personality.

Apart from the appearance, Kendall possesses great intellect and accumulated a vast amount of knowledge from her travel experiences. This doesn't only make your conversation with her extremely enjoyable, you may also find it fruitful and inspiring.

Speaking of experience, do rest assure that you will have a great time with her, as she certainly knows how to please her client, despite being young in looks. It is impossible to imagine someone being dissatisfied with what he will experience with Kendall.

Kendall is a girl which have the perfect combination of both appearance and inner beauty, which doesn't only make the last three hours you spend with her one of the best moments of your life, it would be understandable for one to devote three decades and beyond being with her.

Thank you to the universe and the heavens above for aligning Kendall into my life. An angel in very aspect. Love you x
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