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Date published: December 21, 2017 at 4:28 pm
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Wow...where do i start. So ive been dating this girl for quite some time and we are both extremely open about our sexual fantasies. To my surprise, having a threesome with another girl was something she had considered for years but had never experienced. I was the same as my previous partners were never open to something like this. When she told me how bad she wanted to do this we were unsure about bringing someone we knew into the bedroom so i seeked some advice from a friend who told me to look into scarletblue. Im happy to say this was the best advice i had gotten and my partner and i went through several profiles before we came across the stunning Angelina. She was everything we had hoped for and just for the record her photos do her very little justice.

We made contact and had booked her in for a 1 hour session with us. During the organisation stage she was extremely professional, courteous and was a pleasure to deal with. On the night we were due to meet i was getting nervous. I perform pretty well in bed but i had never slept with 2 girls before. Especially 2 as stunning as my partner and Angelina. Upon her arrival there stood a beautiful petite but toned brunette with the most beautiful eyes id ever seen. She looked a lot like Angelina Jolie to be honest. She was perfect from head to toe! We started off with light conversation whilst my partner finished changing into her lingerie. I started with some light kissing until my partner joined us. Angelina didnt waste anytime kissing her and undressing her. Not long into the kissing i had both girls on their knees stroking and sucking me. Looking down at these 2 stunners i was still in disbelief that this was happening to me. The sex was incredible and Angelina was like a pornstar in the sack. I took her from every position i could and my partner was so horny from it all she squirted all over the bed! This only made me more horny and wild. I swapped from girl to girl enjoying every second. It was total exstacy for me and we went on for the full hour fucking sucking and kissing. By the end, i had Angelina layed out on the bed playing with herself in front of my partner whilst i fucked my partner through to an orgasm that shook her body before i came all over her body. It was the best experience of my life. We only wished we had booked her for longer. The whole night wouldnt have been enough with this goddess. We are definitely wanting to see her again. Not just because she was amazing in the sack and everything we had hoped for, but she was genuinely a beautiful soul. She had made our fantasy come true and she did it in a way that only Angelina could do. We still talk about how hot this night was and she will forever be remembered as our fantasy come true.
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