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Date published: January 20, 2020 at 12:10 am
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I had the pleasure of seeing Alice on a social date one afternoon around Sydney and it was amazing. I am not the most confident guy around women and wanted to explore what it was like going on a date with a beautiful woman, holding her hand and kissing each other.

I didn't know what to expect having never done this type of thing before. Right from the start Alice made everything seem completely natural, fun and passionate, with almost a sixth sense for ideal places to kiss and somehow finding a way to have both of us in the right position.

In addition to having a natural affinity for things sensual Alice also seems like quite an intelligent lady, able to make interesting conversation about a variety of topics and a good knowledge of books, having read many of the same as me. As we talked and interacted she had a highly positive and warm personality, making me feel I was the center of her attention at all times and finding the positive in many situations, making me feel relaxed and upbeat.

The logistics of our date were also quite good I chose a place to meet and she (a Swiss student) then took me (a Sydney native) on a tour many interesting and hidden places in the nearby area. In addition she was also very generous with her time on our date not looking at a clock/phone or hurry things along at any point.

Thanks for the great adventure Alice, I can't wait to do it again some time.
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