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Date published: August 4, 2019 at 10:24 pm
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On the third Sunday of July, I spent some truly intimate and quality time with Alice Fields. I first notice her gorgeous smile in her photos and was humbled by her interests, passions and character. Once she returned to Sydney from her holiday, I made little hesitation see her as soon as possible. I booked an incall visit to Alice at her CBD apartment and was kindly greeted downstairs when I arrive. Immediately I was taken away by her radiant smile, complemented with a charming and cheerful personality can melt the coldest of hearts. Her apartment was also just as inviting and cozy, with pretty drapes, dimmed lights and music to set the mood, along with a couple of cheeky mirrors around the bed. After a quick shower pre wash, I exited the bathroom to Alice in her beautiful white dress. We started off with a dance to some jiving jazz to break the ice. Despite having little experience, she was ever so willing to give it a try and evidently enjoying it. To our second song, we dance to a smooth cover of Ed Sheeran's Perfect. As we slow danced and embraced one another, we started singing together, staring deeply into each others eyes. Singing passionately, we were mutually smiling with joy and stated that her heart was racing. As our arms wrapped and body moved in closer, Alice moved in for a kiss, to which I teasingly denied her. For our third song, we slow danced to "Can't take my eyes off of you". Things become more heavy as I serenade Alice with the moving lyrics, continually embracing one another. After the first chorus, we begin to slowly kiss. As I lay by her side on the bed, I continue to sing and kiss her passionately. Slowly but surely I slide my hand along her body and down to her vagina, rubbing her through her underwear and continue passionately kissing her. Responding in glee, she started to unbutton my shirt while I caressed her breast. I then started to kiss her on her neck and along her smooth chest and groin. While kissing her through her underwear, I began to take them off to start going down on her. But it is here at the turn, where I must leave you to discover for yourself. Suffices to say, things got hot and heavy and we hanky pankied a couple of hours, came multiple times. Alice Fields was highly affectionate, unrushed, open-minded, and practically perfect in every single way. Alice should not be overlooked and I can't wait to see her again.
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