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Sydney, I love you, but I love 283 days of sunshine a year more!

After testing the waters across several tours, I have decided to make Brisbane, Australia my happy home! Before you mortgage the house and start googling just how great the price of real estate is, while I’ve skipped states, I will be visiting Sydney monthly. Feel free to email me for specific dates.

I apologise if you’ve tried to reach out via phone and been unsuccessful. Due to a technical glitch, I have unwittingly been experiencing problems with my bat phone for some time. Particularly if you are a regular client of mine, please note that I truly appreciate your patronage and would never ignore you. Email is always my most reliable and preferred form of contact so if you’ve reached out via text or a call and wondered why I haven’t replied, please feel free to re-connect.

In other news a new law, SESTA, has passed in the US making life difficult for everyone. In order for providers to keep their website and advertising legal, you’ll notice many sexual references will be removed. The intent however is still the same. Please feel free to contact me should you require clarification.

My best email email going forward will be If you are a client I would encourage you to create your own ProtonMail email ending in .ch (the country code for Switzerland). It’s a free service and some providers going forward may not exchange emails with anyone that doesn’t have a address. Likewise if you’ve noticed Twitter a little quiet of late it’s because many providers have moved to a less restrictive platform Switter .

Feel free to refer to the following for further information.

With my new home, I look forward to making new friends as well as catching up with some old ones. I’m looking forward to exploring the coast and sunbathing in a string bikini by the pool. Care to join me? On a final note, given the legalities here, I’m unable to advertise services however by way of a quick tip these will remain listed under my touring profile here

I look forward to our day of debauchery.


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