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Going into the new year, I had a feeling that my 9am-5pm commitments would have an impact upon my availability and, for a time, it did. Now that the year is well and truly on its way, I find myself with a regular schedule that I can confidently work around. Despite being limited in my touring capabilities this year, the good news for my local lovers is that I now have mornings free!

As of tomorrow, 25/04/2017, I am now offering a $50 discount on all bookings made between 6am and 9am*.

What do I need from you? I'm glad you asked.

Whether we meet before you start work for the day, or if you're simply having an indulgent day at home, secure your morning rendezvous discount by getting in touch with me via SMS (0487031061) or email (, being sure to mention the words "early bird" in your message. Once your hotel booking and a deposit of $100 is secured, all you need to do is tell me how you like your coffee. You, you lucky thing, get to stay in bed in your pyjamas, before I join you and slip into mine.

Want to make the most of an opportunity for breakfast in bed? Let's turn our booking into an overnight date and wake up in bed together.

Looking forward to hearing from you,
Alice. xxx

*For a limited time only.

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