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First & Final Australian Tour Dates for 2017

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Australian lovers it time to say au revoir!

What an amazing few years we have had together whilst I have travelled to and from each beautiful Australian destination. This really is a lucky country! I feel honoured to have experienced it and met some very special men and woman along the way.

Although my desire for wanderlust is still strong, my commitments in Sydney will be keeping me here for the majority of 2017. I will be retiring from touring Australia in May 2017 to permanently reside in beautiful Sydney and occasionally tour internationally. If time permits I may have the opportunity to sneakily visit you all on the rare occasion later this year.

The tour dates advertised below will be my final dates to catch me in an Australian town or city near you. If these dates do not suit your schedule, I will be available to travel especially for you by request for a saucy rendezvous. This is option is only available for bookings over four hours or more. Please enquire within more details.

I do wish to thank all my interstate lovers and friends who have made my travels decadent, sensational and enjoyable.

I do hope to see you all again very soon,

Vivienne xx


On Holiday: 6th - 20th
Melbourne: 18th (One Day Only!)
Sydney: 21st – 7th February


Brisbane: 8th - 10th
Darwin: 11th - 15th
Singapore: 16th - 21st
Hong Kong: 22nd - 25th
Sydney: 26th - 5th March


Launceston: 6th - 8th
Hobart: 9th - 11th
Melbourne: 12th - 14th
Adelaide: 15th - 19th
Port Lincoln: 20th - 21st
Perth: 22nd - 26th
Sydney: 27th - 12th April


Cairns: 13th - 18th
Townsville: 19th - 20th
Rockhampton: 21st - 22nd
Gold Coast: 23rd - 26th
Sydney: 27th - 7th May


Newcastle: 8th - 10th
Hunter Valley: 11th - 13th
Wollongong: 15th - 16th
Canberra: 17th - 20th
Sydney: 21st - 31st

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