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Look, Mate

Dear Readers, Now now, even though I was born and raised in Sydney which is quite obviously an Australian City.... I still am many times told that my choice of word placement in my sentences is like that of people who have moved here from a far distant land. I like to use less commonly heard wo...
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The Art form of Anal Play & Male Erotic Surrender: How getting to know your P Spot makes you a Better Lover

There is an epidemic of men tired of always taking the lead in the bedroom. I see it again and again when they come to me… the relief of having someone else guide the dance so they can finally let go and free fall into arousal. 

I am an expert in domination, but domination is not always in it...
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Why would anyone be a submissive to a women!?? A Man speaks about how he is a submissive to his Wife and why he does it!!

A MAN SPEAKS ABOUT HOW HE IS A SUBMISSIVE SLAVE TO HIS WIFE “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Submission” - Like many who find themselves submitting in a 24/7 lifestyle, I spent my adolescence cultivating increasingly compelling fetishes and desperately trying to find someone that I could reveal...
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