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To the one who steals my diary...

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Dear Diary Desperado,

Why stay clandestine and cold on the sidelines? You have lingered there on your own, seemingly sad and all alone, when the truth is the opportunity to strike a spark and spur a sinful encounter awaits you now.

A curious creature like you could fill me to the brim, but instead, you choose to sneakily steal a scoop of my sweet perversions safeguarded here.

Are you prying through these private pages, by preying on my privy places, to pinch a pair of my now damp panties, perhaps?

Deliciously called a danger by design, this confidential confidante eagerly invites you, my conspiring counterpart, to cunningly slip into something more comfortable for our carnal casual affair.

Your frisky fingers feverish to the touch, slowly flicker and disappear between my thighs. I smell how angels ought to smell, lick my flavour to discover that I taste like one too. Forget-me-not, the thirst you are seeking to quench will never run dry.  

A nymphomanic femme - fatale and irresistible tease, my one illicit desire is to please and be pleased. Allow me to enchant you further as I titillate and taunt you, tracing my travels to the tip of your tasty tongue.

From the tops of your toes, onwards and upwards it goes, every inch of you will quiver with delight as you transcend into the stratosphere and beyond.

Allow yourself to be mesmerised by my mischievous and immoral ways. These memories will remain lifelong, forever reminiscent of your muse and the moments we merged, melted and moved together as one.

On my knees, I plead for you to finish on a final masterstroke. Tug my raven hair back to gaze into my bedroom eyes and reward me all over by painting my body "like one of your French girls".

Leave only when the world outside beckons you to go. For now, just rest, linger here a little longer and lustfully share in this long kiss goodnight.
The only thing l wear to bed tonight is that which you have so generously covered me in….

Forever Yours,

Temporary Temptation xx

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