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I want to know what turns you on?

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Recently, I have been hosting a discreet AMA on my website via my blog "My G-String & Me."

So many people have been asking me what the number one thing is that turns me on, I have a blog post on the way for that coming soon, but first I want to know the same of you.

I find men are always so mesmerised by the even the very idea of pleasing a woman, that sometimes they forget to enjoy the process of it happening. The entire focus becomes surrounded around if I am turned on or if I am going to come, frankly, that turns me off when it happens.

My focus when I am turned on is purely in the moment, what turns me on today might not be quite enough tomorrow. Usually though, and my current lovers will know this about me, teasing me is my biggest turn on. Denying me your cock when I think I am going to get fucked instantly merely drives me wild, absolutely insane, especially from behind.

Another little fun fact about my biggest turn-ons would be that I love watching myself ride your cock and getting fucked, my incall is one room with a lot of mirrors where I can sneak a perve, and often do. The idea of being filmed or watched is a sure-fire way to get my juices flowing in the right direction.

So, what about you? What turns you on when you are with an escort? What turns you one when you are not with a companion? I do often wonder if the situation may change the response for you as it does with me.

Make sure you pop across my blog to see my latest questions answered, scroll to the bottom to fill out the AMA question form or leave a comment to ask me a question or to let me know "what turns you on the most."

Other workers are also able to ask me questions, and I will try to answer them all as soon as I can.

Much Love,

V x

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