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A short message to all my twitter followers "QP"

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A short message to all my twitter followers.
Lets keep twitter light, breezy, sexy and fun the way it should be.

As you would all appreciate being an escort is a time consuming job, my twitter is a forum for conversation and is there to be a happy place to communicate with you all and share a laugh and some sexy material, it is for this reason I am putting out a warning.

If you are a troll DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME you will be blocked, if you have nothing positive to say DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME you will be blocked, if you whinge and complain or are just looking to start an argument DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME you will be blocked !!!

I think you all get the picture, if I don't get back to you or like your comments I may be busy ( this could be you I'm busy with ) if I'm slow to reply maybe I have had a rough day and am just not in the mood don't take offence or complain.

Now finally guys, my regular, lovely, genuine gentleman I send you all hugs and kisses and for some of those that only just follow I invite you to get your hand off it, get away from the screen and come see me in person. I don't bite... except on special request

love always your Queenie

Twitter: @queeniepearl3

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