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What makes you 100% Unique?

This question was asked of me recently by my mentor as we were working through my brand and my business. What will make you stand out above anyone else?

The question really makes you think what does make us all unique to each other? Certainly, I have some wonderful qualities that make me special. I am an empathetic, intelligent, mature, highly resilient, loving, strong, well rounded woman.. I also have a temper that can occasionally get the better of me, I can be stubborn, and sometimes I can be unkind to myself when I get too caught up with perceived perfection. I have hazel eyes that can become the most beautiful shade of green, I am athletic naturally, above average in height, I have an ample natural bosom. I love cooking, dining, diving, travelling, kissing, kitesurfing, getting my feet in the sand, yoga, fashion, fornication, wine, music, hiking to name a few….

These are some of the ingredients of me that make my recipe unique.. So, the question is will these ingredients make me the most unique companion above all others? Yes and no; every companion will have their own ingredients that will make them unique as well.

But what I can promise you is that every connection I have with a client will be 100% unique, some will be so special that we will want to see each other several times to build on our memorable connection and every time we meet will be unique. Some will be an exceptional primal fast connection and just what we needed at that point in time.

The connections we experience between people and lovers can at times be so unique and so special. So, I think what I am trying to say is have a look at my ingredients see how I brand them and you decide if you think my ingredients will mix with yours. Will we have that 100% unique special experience?

I have a feeling we will.

Let’s get cooking ;)

Olivia xx

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