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What's Happening October

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I usually post on my own website - on my "Musings" page but thought I would start copying some of my posts across to here.

A new month. I'm in Brisbane most of the month. I'm going through a bit of a lifestyle transformation where I am making more time for health and fitness which eats into my work hours once or twice a week but shouldn't have a major impact on business hours. It's been very quiet work wise recently for me anyway which is why I've decided to embark on a lifestyle change.

I'm off to Launceston and Hobart on the 29th October on tour. If you're looking to see me down there, please don't leave it too late to book as I cannot always take on the day bookings on tour. I work to a schedule that is suited to my financial goals and my physical well being. To jam pack bookings back to back into a day/night is not something I like to do as I believe it takes away from giving the best service possible to you. Sex is like going to the gym - you need down time in between for recovery so you can go hard again the next session.

A November heads up for Brisbane: as I said previously, I am taking holidays from the 25th November and I will be returning to work on the 13th of December at this point in time. I have been toying with taking all of December off as I have some personal goals I would like to achieve by the beginning of the New Year. This is something I will decide while I am away on holidays. Although I do know that people do like to see me before Christmas so this is a consideration I will take seriously in making my decision. I will keep you updated!

What I've been watching on tv: I watched Marvels Inhumans on the weekend. Yeah, don't know if I'm going to like this! I'm up to season 9 of Doctor Who and yes I'm finally a fan! I stuck it out through episode I hated but finally at some point it all fell into place and I understand it lol For a bit of a change up I started watching Chesapeake Shores on Netflix - it's a typical rich white american family dealing with their first world problems. It's just fluff to clear my mind.

Went to the movies for my birthday last month and saw IT. Wayyyy better than the dodgy tv series they made out of that book. Finally did it some justice! Can't wait for the next installment next year!

I'm off - I don't work public holidays - well rarely work public holidays - occasionally I will if I have nothing else on.

Today though - I'm chasing Pokemon instead of cock! Have a great day xox

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