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Thank you and see you soon Canberra

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In Sydney I sat all summer long, till now.
School term starts next week and my calendar year is full, whirlwinds of short notice tours commenced this February.
With opportunities flooding my inbox I held off till I couldn’t possibly say no anymore.
At my girlfriend’s request, I join the tour circuit and fill my time with everything glamorous, photography, dinners, sexy encounters and more networking events.
Melbourne I was your muse with 3 photo shoots in 4 days, at 5 locations and 3 different photographers. The content ranged from glamour, special FX, bridal and boudoir style images.
Although I was the model Mother Nature was putting on an impressive sky show in Melbourne CBD there was the Blood Moon, Then Phillip Island saw me sun kissed & tanned as the heat soared over 40 degrees.
Forever grateful & Immersed in post shoot glamour memories, swapping my louboutins for trainers. Intently sweated the gluttony of sweet treats and extravagant entertaining dinners away. Of course I am still motivated to keep my persona and curves in order to remain true to my advertisements.
2018 has been blessed from the start with so many opportunities to reconnect and I’m told I may have an offer to join the glamour cast overseas - I’m left even more elated at the thought.
Melbourne it’s never long enough to truly capture your essence, and therefore I’m planned to return soon.
Back in the sexy city of Sydney where the editing shall take place I’m sure there is at least a few hundred to critique, select and upload for online viewing.
So, unpacked my suitcases as the luxury pleasures, pretty toys n glamour wears unfold my memories of Melbourne remain in my heart, I had a moment of fleeting daydreams of what may be. Alas I’m jet setting overseas soon, In this moment I realise I need a new passport.
As I do my best to balance, work/life & study this next two weeks will see me packing my tour lugging for a few exclusive moments interstate and overseas.
Firstly, in a quest to gain a valid passport in hand, I tour Canberra where a passport can be collected the same day.” Winning”, There is nothing quite like instant gratification “so thank you and see you soon Canberra.

With many pleasures planned and more still to announced, 2018 is looking quite attractive
Sydney Feb 02nd – 11th
Canberra Feb 12-13th
VALENTINES EXCLUSIVE we could be anywhere
Sydney Feb 15th
Melbourne Feb 25-27th
Queenstown NZ 15-16th March
O/S locations TBC

Pleasures Always,
Leah Lux xx

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