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In a flash I was here then there, thats the life of this little touring lady.

A few things I didn't realise, just how many things I try to conquest during my little ACT adventure. so I set out to start my day in a moment I realise the 30 Degrees on the weather app feels more like 20 - I could key cars with the chill that hardens my nipples this morning.

Canberra lets explore like never before, being that I was delayed in my booking this early week country escape, It finds me trailing a new luxury hotel.
When in a new location there are ample uncertainties like just how interested are the staff in my reasons for being here & how am I going to stay under the radar. Is there a discrete access for clients and just where will I get my morning brew from???

One thing I have noticed is a little cleavage may have a big bold effect for wondering eyes, a fast cocktail service in this country city - this pleases me.

I recall nearby the strip is flourishing with delicious spots to immerse in the Canberra culture of hip cafes, brewers and restaurants.
Whilst I sip my latte from the highly acclaimed Lonsdale roasters brewery I ponder, just how am I going to get another set of towels without raising eyebrows or suspicions to my dealings behind closed doors. Then there is the toiletries situation. One bar of soap + soap gel just isn't enough to last the day.......well the list goes on for a lady providing sexual services, luckily It was brought to my attention these requirements are to be approached with absolute discretion.
However it happens, I will make the magic happen soon today.

As I trade up my gym time this morning for a walk around the CBD (which Canberrans call the Civic) I realise there is so many transformations that take place. My favourite restaurants, cafes and bars remain and more populate the streets of Braddon.
Some I would suggest in the past with success are 86 where I would suggest to eat at the servers the chefs are on display and will entertain your taste buds and talk with ease. I ate at The Elk & Pea last night it was a relaxed dinner vibe, cocktails were flowing, Caribbean cuisin cause a little sweat yet delicious, I'm licking my lips in the memory of their doughnut dessert.
I returned from my walk after perusing the breakfast selections tomorrow - too many to choose from, RAW, Eighty Forty, Baked - Braddon this is a place I could get used too.

Back to my hotel I head, passing a sign "your Taxes are Due", oh wow I guess its time to get into the glorious day ahead.

Here I sit in my hotel room, without delay I write a list of to dos, just for in-between busy times, much to my displeasure its not all selfies and gourmet dinners/desserts.
my list its growing moment by moment; Brunch, Email Responses, Schedule College and Tour TimeTable,Social Media, Eat, Travel Logistics & I guess I should start my taxes too.

Never A dull moment on tour although a little decadent to stay in such luxury surroundings without my P.A. I find my admin can tend to be best described as "everything all at once".
So if you find me uploading new imagery, writing journals and setting tours in excess, excuse the over efficiency I'm anticipating a little one on one time with you soon.

Canberra avail Today ONLY Monday 12th FEB
Melbourne CBD Exclusive & Limited 25-27th FEB
Brisbane Its Been too long tour 2 days 05-07th MARCH
New Zealand Fly Me To You Queenstown, Wanaka 15-22nd MARCH

So far here I am midway through my Canberra stay, I must relay I have been thoroughly impressed by the staff, in-room finishings and the view here "hello Canberra, you sure are beautiful at this time of year".

Pleasures Always
Leah Lux xx

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