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It's been a minute or two this entry is well over due

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Dear Diary,

What can I say but I wish I wrote here more frequently, it would be handy to review all the fun times and travels I had been looking over a year or two in the review.

There comes a humble moment that stopped me in my tracks this past week, as I passed through each touring city with less time than usual for the day and night shenanigans.

This month almost over and as I close in on some much-required bookkeeping and family time the space between last financial year, a big birthday celebration past and planning the shift from tenant to homeowner I gaze in awe of just how much was fit into this last six months.

Travelling, interstate and overseas to make memories and create adventures as a passing thought will soon be less a month to month arrangement for me as I face some strategic planning to make life the simplistic dream I so eagerly crave.

Canberra, Darwin, New Zealand, and Hobart look out you may well become my second homes for the charm of the country with big city convenience and natural beauty of these destinations have captured my heart once again.

I am so excited to continue living the dream life I had once only dreamt - my mind the enigma, a rich reservoir memories thanks to you & Scarlet Blue.

Just look at these gorgeous sunrises and sunsets - what's not to love about the beauty a lady has the opportunity to witness.

With an absolute full heart and an open mind, I close off tour dates for this year and structure like a sergeant in hope not to miss another chance to have a little heartbeat skip and moment in time

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