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Honki Tonks for the nations New Years pre events/Me

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I can’t even express the happiness it brings me to reconnect with people in multiple countries and how fortunate, I feel that one day I could be in Darwin the next In Hong Kong.

Wowee mmm, I know I need to make time for an evening nap after my travels, but I’m filled with Adrenalin after this weeks events so far only two days in and I had already traveled three different cities, now three countries.

This feeling could be best described as a luxury city hopping top end to top trading, and yes I am still trading it’s not all shipping magarittas by the pools side (that’s tomorrow:)

For the blessings I’m recieving here in HK #thankful beyond words.

I’m finally replenishing my fortunes after so much time off last year and next month off to Uni again, so all fortunes won’t be spoilt that’s for sure.

That’s enough dribble from me for one day ...or maybe not hehehe - Honky dongs for two more nights and then...Singers or Syders “who will want me the most”??

Ek happiest girl over here - so much to share I’m overflowing

LLux xx
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