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As the morning starts I wake up feeling like the woman I once hoped I would be, the kind that is honest and clear in communications, a woman that supports friendly conversations but knows her limits.
Its taken some time to really know how to work my business into a lifestyle.

It’s weeks like this that I am thankful I persisted through the lessons.
My client list I don’t usually boast of, but are deserving of public praise as mutual satisfaction and eager desires tempt a quick bold request.
I am fortunate to have a line of communication that’s genuine (in most cases), personality and charisma in your arrangements are never forgotten.
As I have given and received pleasures, clients remain respectful with processes in place.
It’s so boring sometimes talking business before pleasure, but believe communication transparency allows for a deep intimacy when together.

Im thankful to be in a caliber that I could only describe as true courtesanship, meeting with fellow WL & sharing smiles are frequent both in and out call.
Still, there are times I see my time being used up by pointless sms conversations, social media fixations and arrangements that lead no where and the temptation to turn the phone off is real.
I know myself and what seems to be a genuine or a false situation, yet sometimes there’s really no preparations for what happens next.

As we live in a society where pleasures take place behind closed doors, every enquiry is unique and valued.
There’s no judgement on personal requests, desires be it, kink, fantasy, fetish or tease that turns into a ten hour sleep over.
The only judgement that is in place is to maintain respectful and safe health practices, so we may continue to be insatiably satisfying we must remain safe and feel this is reciprocated.

As I toy with dates for tours in locations where there has been unsafe practices and harm, my pre-screenings practises include sms, email and phone calls (dependant of wether we have met prior a deposit too).
knowing that the person your about to be completely vulnerable around is genuine and wants nothing more than a genuine sexual exploration is my absolute pleasure.
with disregard due to any past dealings via my P.A & mentors past I am now 100% in control of my phones and my choices to be with you.
Let’s make for sexual exploration pure pleasure there’s enough awkwardness in every day life.
Your lady of Luxury
Leah Lux xx
Admin breaks are better spent with me.

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