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Tonight I had an enquiry not so unusual lol, we were texting having a bit of a chat just getting to know each other a little totally normal in the screening process. I was asked a very interesting question one I have not really been asked before interesting enough i just had to write about it. Lets get to the point i'm sure you are intrigued as to what the question was. Here it is "i was just about to ask you, do you ever try or wonder what a person looks like before meeting them?" working as an escort you meet so many different types of people and every single person is different, My response to this question went something like this, during the booking process whilst chatting via text I start to imagine and put a face to the person I am texting. I love the surprise and the not knowing its all part of the fun. when it comes to the time of the booking and I arrive and that door opens the person behind the door never looks like the image I had been imagining in my head. I can honestly say I don't want to know what someone looks like before the booking I love buildup the suspense and surprise every time is different and that is something I love about my work every encounter is unique and different. For myself looks just don't matter at the end of the day respect and hygiene are key for me. Getting asked this question just made me think how many other people out there think about this that is why I thought it would make a fantastic diary entry. I must admit I do like when someone asks a question out of the norm it really gets you thinking.

This is my very first diary entry for 2019 I hope it was enjoyable and informative and not boring. My goal for this year is to be more consistent with diary entries and for them to be interesting and informative. A lot of exciting things are happening this year I'm so excited for 2019 it lots of touring Australia and going international I can not wait for that. I have an exciting new photoshoot coming up in a few weeks looking forward to updating my photos and having some more content for social media. If you do not already follow mw on social media please go ahead and follow me on Instagram and Twitter to see my day to day posts and raunchy photos,
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Thanks for reading and stay tuned for my next entry.

HM xx

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