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My bottom got a good spanking from a first timer

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I was lucky enough to do a booking last night with a first timer who was into spanking. We had discussed doing a Master training session however he was a natural and needed no guidance. His stroke was firm and confident - just how I like it. I love pain when its coupled with pleasure. I don't really enjoy rough sex or having my hair pulled during sex. Things like that don't assert dominance for me, I want it to be mutual and often penetrative sex is all we know so we turn to that for everything. The brain is the biggest sex organ and we know how to use it orgasms become more powerful than you've ever experienced. I like to use my head, my voice, my imagination to bring the session to a climax. If you just want to fuck me for an hour then I'm not your girl. If you're after an intimate journey, a power exchange and then a mutual climax my door is open.

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