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Initial thoughts of a Courtesan

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I have decided to share my journey as a Courtesan with you.

Before I started this journey I worked as a professional in a corporate environment. I have a Master degree and professional accreditation and good job titles. Looking in from the outside you could say everything was going very well for me. However deep down I was not happy with my career nor feeling fulfilled, and I could not put a finger on why. All I know is that I am at my happiest when I am not limited by societal judgements and cultural boundaries nor boring routines.

I look after myself very well by eating sensibly, exercising and maintaining my standard of nails, hair and make-up so I always feel like I’m a beautiful woman. I love wearing lingerie and engaging in conversation with people, and I enjoy sex very much. I have come to realise that all these traits are important requirements for a courtesan.

I took a leap of faith to jump into the sex industry a few months ago and wanted to see where this journey would take me. I must say it has been a completely different world from where I was. I am surprised but pleased to find out that I love what I do now so much more than I initially expected. This is not a job for me, it is a new lifestyle I have chosen to adapt to, and it sits with me very well. Most of all, I am having fun.

What I love about being a courtesan is that I get to learn from people with different backgrounds and experiences, I get to share people’s deepest secrets and desires and even become part of it. I always feel invigorated when it’s time to get ready for meeting my clients. The whole dressing and preparation process is exciting and fun for me. Each client is unique and each meeting is a brand-new opportunity for me to create memorial stories. Both my clients and I are free to explore with complete respect each other’s boundaries.

I have learnt that the best experience comes from good communication. How you communicate says a lot about what kind of person you are, and whether you care to be respectful to each other. I always enjoy feedback from each gentleman about his thoughts towards me and our time together.

I feel free and empowered from what I do now, quite contrary to what the general public might think. I am a woman who follows her heart, not what she has been programmed to do. It takes tremendous courage to stand up against the prejudice about what is the “right” job and face potential predators who by their actions reinforce the stereotype that this industry is a dangerous one for women. Having said that, I find the vast majority of men are genuinely kind and are seeking intimacy and affection with a lovely lady.

I am now glad that I have chosen this path and want to continue to explore more. I welcome the right gentlemen to be on board with me for my journey.

This is going to be an exciting year ahead.


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