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Missing skin to skin contact, the unique scents people carry, the first moment laying eyes on one another, the first kiss, first fuck. These are all things we have missed and craved over the past year, living through times so foreign, so alien. I miss meeting new people, sharing moments so intimate with someone new. Starting with a glass of wine and a conversation and ending deeply connected and infatuated with someone.

The last year has been inconsistent, I’ve been working and then not, writing and then unable to, inspired and uninspired, excited and so unexcitable. I reflected a lot of this, on these bitter sweet inconsistencies that I face but not only I, that we all face. I’ve decided that in this world that seems so out of our control I am going to take control of what I can. I’m going to work, I’m going to share intimate experiences with new people, I’m going to laugh, cry and deeply connect. I want to feel, I want to make up for all of the lack of feeling we have experienced this part year. I want to book a hotel and meet someone new, share moments over wine and sex. I want to learn about people that I may only see once in my life and never forget or start a new connection that could perhaps last forever.

Join me, feel with me, let’s together open up so intimately and explore one another, it’s the only way


Delilah xo

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