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What makes my day “worth it”

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Recently I have been trying to establish a purpose on this line of work. A part of fulfilment besides financial and sexual reward, and acknowledge that fulfilment of purpose everyday.
I’ve realise how important it is to me to make someone’s day, make someone smile and make troubles melt away.
Recently I’ve really started to understand how I’m more of a companion than just a one night kind of girl, and how much better it feels too see a improvement in the wellbeing of the men I spend time with.
Sexual release and energy can affect so much of us, it can be so intense and overwhelming to hold so much tension when it’s released not only physically do you get pleasure it’s like your mind has had a massage and let go of worry.
So many men I spend intimate time with have stressful careers or home lives and they just want a escape, parts of the chaos and have a intimate connection that feels authentic possibly because I get to know them and I truly do care.
The greatest part of my day is knowing I made someone else’s better, to be there in the tough times or even be something that they looked forward too when work was too busy. That smile of satisfaction and appreciation after the release and when we are just comfortable to relax after the climax as we catch our breath, the look of wow and released tension on faces makes my day, money andy own tension release is just a added bonus.
Enjoy your holidays guys, drive safely and hope to meet some men soon.
Xx Armarni Bulkani

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