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Top or bottom? Dominant or submissive- a internal debate?

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Naturally Dominant.

Submissive or dominant they say? To be honest with you I am so dominant in every way, I can play submissive though- I would have been a great actor, but domination is a mental thing to me.
A person can think they dominate due to physical power, but domination to me is much more of a mental space. If I am playing submissive still at the end of the day I know I have control and boundaries I won’t let them be passed.
Why play submissive? Sometimes it’s thrilling and exciting to experience the other side even if you know you still have the ultimate control. I like being able too soothe a mans mind and let his imagination elope with the idea of dominating my innocent side. I am a versatile person in life and also in the bedroom. Just like my music choices and my dress style, I can switch and change to each situation and mood- like a chameleon some say. I have always and will always be this way, I am for a man who likes variety in his life especially if we are on a regular basis. I can sense what you want from me.
I am a confident person but I have little time for a man who tries to dominate me especially in their first contact- see BDSM and even any consenting sexual services are to me a verbal and sometimes written contracts- and that is how I see it in my mind. When you contact me it’s not just if I have a ‘available’ time it’s whether I want to spend my time with you and will entrust you with my body and mind for that amount of time. Think of it like a very short Resume. Especially if your wanting fantasy play.
Bossy? Dominant? Demanding? Maybe I should change my name to Queen B? That was a joke but well fitted. I am not a trained dominatrix in any way and don’t wish to be- just in the bedroom in my professional life I do come across a certain way and more often then most dominant. I have the power and I like that. I don’t offer BDSM as such but I do offer Fantasy play.
Being a person sensitive to peoples needs I can generally sense If your craving more of a innocent young side from me. I am a chameleon- I can adjust and change but a description of the service you are after can help me greatly ensuring I can provide you with the best service of your wildest dreams. But in saying this there are limits with me and generally this will depend on how we interact and being naturally dominant- I’ll be the judge of that.
In my next sexy blog I will tell you why I provide the ultimate fantasies and why I no longer call it pse.

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