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The hardest part of escorting- the box of favourites

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To be truly honest with you all the hardest part of my job for me is trying to describe myself- externally and also my personality I am by far one of the most hardest things I have tried to describe. Which is odd because I actually love to write-

Why is it so hard to write about me? It’s hard to tell you all what I am like as I am like a box of favourites- honestly every part of me has its own unique flavour. I’m the type of girl whose personality is out of this world. You will always be wondering what’s coming Next from me. As much as I can be loud, fun and spontaneous at times most of the time I love solitude and the silence of waves. I am like a chameleon in the world and I honestly adapt to most situations, or just enjoy standing out and being bold at times- I do not always blend and to be honest I would never intend to, as my personality, flare and characteristics are what makes me Armarni Bulkani (not Armani I'm far from something you could label with an existing lable).
I honestly love me and the way I can make people laugh, have crazy fun like a child, forget their worries, confide their secretes, relax until they are asleep, indulge in all their deepest sexual fantasies that were once ‘weird’ like it’s the most natural and normal thing and give the most sensual real girlfriend experience- these are just ways I can demonstrate how differentiating I can be.

But if I book you how will I know what you will be like? A question I’m sure that was thought- in all aspects of my life I can be so in tune to what is needed of me and also what is expected- in public I adjust to the environment I am in- as well as those I am with. Just like regardless of how many times someone asks or tries to encourage me to go clubbing or drinking- it’s not for me and no amount of money will change my personal moral structure I hold for myself. I’m not going to act trashy at a 5 star establishment in the foyer- (regardless of what someone offers to pay me, even if it’s a request)- ‘it’s out of place and it’s not right-‘ this is why I do not provide public service internally it is drilled into me that, that form of behaviour is unacceptable outside personally for me. In private it’s a different story- I’m no longer adjusting to the room- I’m adjusting to you- I can sense what you want and what you need of me. What flavour you really crave from me. If your after the naughty, slutty girl that needs her mouth rinsed out I can in private adapt to that for you. Information beforehand is always the key or subtle hints of what you want from me as I undress.
I’m a box of favourites alright.
Whether your wanting my innocent young cherry ripe, like I’m being touched for the very first time? Or are you craving a popping candy that will be uncontrollable aiming to make you explode?
Delicate and sensual like a flake crumbling melt in your mouth kind of passion? A bit more exotic and enticing like a Turkish delight? Tell me a little about you and what you like because each of my services in my own little ways I tailor to you, getting you aroused and the look on your face when your fantasies come true- that’s a perk of the job for me and makes my centre moist and flowing like a caramello, when you have spent intimate time with me you will know this article is far from a lie.
Just like my personality my body is also as difficult to describe they give you a category name without description on every site to put yourself into. You could put a person in a category but to someone else they should be in another- there is no actual definition of what defines each body shape as everyone’s perspective is different. Marketing your ‘body shape’ is honestly a pain to me- I have a big butt, thick thighs, tapered waste and large natural breasts. I’m not tall, but I’m not too short. I try to categorise but I hear time and time again someone else’s opinion.

I’m not a category girl- I’m definitely not manufactured and there is no one else like me. I’m more nutty than a snickers and more plain than a dairy milk chocolate all at the same time. I am Armarni Bulkani and You cannot describe or categorise me. I am unique and I am one of a kind.

So the hardest part of my job is thinking how to describe all of my differentiating aspects of what makes me, me. Also how to describe myself so people who would appreciate and value my uniquely untameable, bubbly part of me are able to find me on category selecting websites. Seen as there is no favourites collection option on any websites or a way to say I'm the variety in life.
Hope you enjoyed my insights and my first entry thanks for reading and if you like a bit variety and enjoy company from someone who actually listens and wants to please you emotionally and physically get in touch. I could be the Boost you need in your life or maybe your Dream come true, those needing class the black and white touch is just for you . If your on a diet and your thinking about chocolates a little too much now I'm sorry and when I'm eating some I will think of you
From the one and only
Armarni Bulkani
Sunshine Coast based- curvaceous, thicker than a snicker, boobylicious babe. I'm a Australian- Egyptian/ Ukrainian mix. Cannot get more sexy variety than this

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