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Something I find to be the most exciting about my upcoming endeavours is it is making me think about my bucket list and all of the things I wish to do in this insanely fun and creative industry before I continue my life ventures. Aswell as a lot of book reading on hidden beaches lol.

I am 23 and will be turning 24 in September. Before my retirement in May, and my birthday in September I have so much I wish to do and see.

Before retirement
I want to travel along the coast and see more of Queensland.
I want to explore Sydney northern beaches,
host incredible dinner dates and get to know some more interesting and smart men in more intimate ways.
I want to give more body relaxation- my way of doing this always makes me enjoy it a lot to.
I want to enhance men’s lives and give a honest woman’s point of view. Many of my lovers appreciate my advice and woman’s insight that always means a lot.
I also want to enjoy the beach more and the amazing lifestyle I have here. Also explore the hinterlands and tourist attractions more.

After may I will not be returning to Queensland or NSW and completing my personal traveling ventures in Australia whilst focusing on my other business endeavours.
The next few months are going to be huge for me and I am so greatful I have the opportunity to get to know more of my followers and potential lovers before my venture. Aswell as having so much notice so I can organise to meet past and potential lovers before hand.

I am also looking to go to Fraser Island (again! 5th time I love it there) cairns, Daintree rainforest (always wanted to go), Whitsundays and glass house mountains. I love nature, I don’t like bugs and spiders but I love to be near the water, surrounded by trees and quiet. Although I love my music and dancing I cannot live without nature. If your going to these parts and wanting to take company for a few days let me know xx
I would also like to hear any nice places you recommend visiting around north and south qld and coastal NSW. I always enjoy hearing of travels and ideas follow me on Twitter and join the conversations xo. Also stay tuned for new selfies as I have so many lingerie I was putting aside for a new photo shoot- but I would much prefer to put my effort and expenses into finding nice appartments and doing more short tours so I can meet all the lovely gentlemen who has been reaching out for company tee last few months and see more new surroundings xo.

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