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The start of a new year, is your new year a symbol of a beginning or a end. For me it is both. For Armarni the road is coming to a end she will not be retiring. For Some may symbolise this as sad, but for me it’s simply my path is going in the direction I wish to be heading.

Armarni has taught me so many things along the way I call her another person as well she is simply a form of me at the end of the day. We have learnt the colours of the world and the meaning of passion and love. We have gained not only knowledge but experience while co-operating as one together.

Armarni taught me how to love myself, admire every little quality about myself. Maybe Armarni learnt this from the lovely men we met over the past year. Something that didn’t appeal to me was adored by you. For the compliments and support I want to thank you. Armarni reinforced these everytime and in a ever changIng world and body I learned to love myself in everyway.

I will not lie Armarni was not always a easy friend to keep and many of times she did impact on my personal life. Sometimes I would feel like I never got enough time without her. We all know what it’s like when a friend can overstay their welcome. We still have a few months left to go together but it is going to be very busy in both of our lives, so we are in preparation mode. For her departure and my beginning.

For those who have been wanting to see me it is time to start to organise our bookings and enquirer If I will tour your city Qld and nsw I will be visiting for very short tours from next month. There will be no chances and no way of contacting me from May Armarni will not be coming back again.

It is becoming time for me- I know exactly what I want with my life and where I am heading. I have known before Armarni came to life- but she was only here for a short amount of time- residing until I knew which direction to take now I have decided and that road I will go- there is no place for her down that road or where it leads.
I am greatful for her and the lessons she has taught me on the way- but I knew I would leave her someday. I over came shyness and fear I find it hilarious at times how she can bring out a side of me with no shame and complete confidence. For her strength I am greatful.

I am greatful for all the other workers I have engaged with, befriended, met or spoken to. Thankyou for your support, friendship and guidance kindness in this industry is invaluable.

To those whom we were not close or had our disagreements along the way thankyou, without you I would not have been able to finally achieve my dreams. In ways you will never know the contribution you made to the girl behind Armarni’s dreams coming true- for that I want to thankyou.

I wish nothing but the best for you all and hope you enjoy your pursuit towards your dreams. For I have reached where I was wanting to go and need to begin to unwind from this road. Armarni still has a few short tours and adverntures she wants to do, then in May 2018 she will say goodbye to you.

I understand that for some of my lovely gentlemen that have grown close to her this maybe distressing, but we still have a few more months to enjoy Armarni before she goes away permanently. She still has many more flavours for you to try- and she will probably be one of your favourites for life.

For contact please remember sms only and details are key this is a very busy time in life for me.

Ps- I like to write oddly as from this and previous writings you should see- maybe you will read a book oneday and see the similarities on some of the pages. Just like the box of favourites you never really know what flavour you will get. I am me and one of a kind.

With love and happiness
Armarni Bulkani
Retiring May 2018
Fly me to you. Request tours. Visit me if I can’t come to you.

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