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Something I really like to establish with gentlemen is whether it’s a ‘convenient’ time to correspond.
If I receive a enquiry that is detailed and I can tell they are interested in meeting me and sometime has passed I will always use buisness like wording. Will not sign anything that can be linked to being a escort or even ‘another woman’, I keep
My messaging buisness like and formal until I am told that at this moment it is safe for you to talk about arranging a rendezvous.
This is why I really like to say to men to leave detailed messages to their companion of choice including how you would like your response and if you have a time frame. As I am aware sadly some do not respond like this which can make it difficult.
I am known to be a auto repair company and even a builder company too some. But rest assured I’m not being ‘unacfectionate’ unintentionally in my messages they are to keep your privacy and discretion while acknowledging and a appreciating the time and effort you took on contacting me in case you are in fact still awaiting my response.
This also comes back to hi and are you available messages. Usually they do obtain a auto response automatically asking for further details as I now have a 4 message rule. Most questions are answered in my profile, I’ve spent so much time on my profile.
So how to write the perfect message?
How to ensure that the booking goes well and our screening process goes well?
1. Evening, my name is (real first name), I’m a (sales man, plumber, trades man, buisness man) I am (in my 50s, 70s, 20s etc).
I am interested in seeing you in (suburb) in (state) tomorrow evening. My time preference is (6) or (8). I’m really looking for a more ( description of service) type of time together. I would like company for (length of time).
May I also have your inclusions list? I am able to take your response until 6pm tonight, I will be back at work at 9am until 4pm tomorrow and will look forward to hearing from you if time permits.
If your after discretion pic reputable, and word your messages in polite ways that lets the reader know that there are times messages cannot be received (not all are trusted enough with a locked phone and message displays turned off and I know your stresss!!! X)
All of my phones work personal etc are locked and have the feature of tracking the lost phone and disabling access. Still then I empty my phone regularly.
But if you are a pranking pest who likes to make fake bookings and waste girls times rest assured I keep all of the details so I know exactly who you are everytime.
Don’t be afraid of screening and don’t be afraid of leaving a well thought out intelligent message to someone who is professional in their buisness. They will take the time to respond in a professional manner that will keep

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