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My definition of the best people- if I were an Icecream.

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I am a lot of things- but I am never plain.
I am strange, I am unique I am the chameleon of the room available in every flavour but ‘plain vanilla’.
My vanilla comes with sprinkles and a lot of them! plus a dash of chocolate swirl- I am far from the average girl. My personality cannot be described in a sentence or paragraph, a picture or category.
My boobs can speak for themselves but I am the girl who is Unafraid to say what she feels, Unafraid to voice her opinion and stick up for the minority. I take pride in this, if you don’t classify yourself as ‘normal’ I am sure we will get on well.
I love diversity, differences and uniqueness- a person can be the most ‘appealing’ to the ‘general population’ in their appearance or by business etiquette but if they don’t voice their own opinions - or have a personality almost as exciting as watching paint dry, I would prefer to do just that.
I look beyond the surface- I seek intellectual conversation- I am not saying you need to be a brainiac for me to enjoy your company. Although you do need passion for what you do and your ‘youness’ about you. Whether you like to write, read (love men that read ), artistic hobbies, a mathleete , gamer, musician, athletics, outdoorsman- what ever your hobby or talent may be- my point is You need to have more passion in what ever you do than a the passionfruit. That is what is attractive in company for me. I find your overall passion in life to impact your passion in the sheets, if you have passion in all that you do, I will show you passion too.
I like to connect with people, show empathy and sexuality like a rich deep caramel- I can be strong and sweet at the same time some may not be able to handle that. I am the type of person that will try to pull you up when your down instead of pat you on the shoulder and say ‘there, there’. If your after a watered down girl made to suit ‘general population’I am not her and I don’t want to be- I pride myself in being unique.
Just like rainbow I can be innocent and fun or out there and outrageous and crazy like bubblegum.
Sweet like strawberries, naughty and covered in Whipped cream.
I can brighten up your duller days like Crisp and refreshing like Peppermint refreshing your life. Mix in some colour of passion to your plainer days Boysenberry enriching you in enticing ways.
I am the girl with 31 flavours but you will never get plain without sprinkles or chocolate swirls- sometimes both. My unique personality is what people who know me love most about me- if they contact me as requested that is.

One of my favourite parts of being in this line of work is being able to inspire people to love themselves, what ever gender, whatever race, whatever body type, whatever age, what ever abilities you are beautiful for who you are. Whether your popcorn, ice cream, candy, fruit, chips or nuts hehe- Discover your flavours, appreciate your flavours and the variations in everyone else’s uniqueness is what separates you, it defines you and makes you special- whatever variation you have grasp onto it and appreciate it for all it is!
*I use ‘’ a lot, mainly because I don’t believe in generalisation as such- there is no such thing as ‘normal’ someone else’s idea of a crazy life is someone else’s Relaxing Sunday after-noon.

‘Have I gone mad?’
‘I’m afraid so yes. Your entirely bonkers- but I’ll tell you a secrete, all the best people are’ -Alice in Wonderland-

“I am unashamed to be me, love myself completely and will not change for anybody, that’s all the ‘sample spoons today’-Be you, appreciate your flavours”
With love from

Armarni Bulkani.
~Uniquely Me~

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