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Why some SW can come across ‘moody’? Imagine....

It’s 8pm and your just about to walk out of the office, that phone today must have rang a million times, another email would shoot in once you hit reply. Once again you glance at the time, this is your business and there is no such thing as overtime. Tonight you had 3 big reservations cancel last minute that you weren’t able to fill not to mention in the past week 8 huge prank orders. Your tired it’s been a super long day, But this is your business one more call you say. You answer the phone, you go to say hello- no introduction just straight out- ‘what do you do?’ You had spent 8 hours this week updating your site, not to mention adding the menus and specials and links to your site everywhere your business advertises.
You go on to explain you offer dine ins and also take always. Oh great, can you tell me what’s on the menu they say. You go on to read the whole page. Oh what was that second one you said?’how much is that? ‘ How about the 4th one again?’. ‘How about you have a view on the website for yourself and get in touch when your ready to order or book a table?’. ‘No you know what I would prefer to sit and personally question you about every item on the menu’. Honestly this is what it can be like somedays.
Now if you own a business you may have had these things happen to you, it doesn’t matter if you’re a bartender serving someone a bloody marry with the ‘oh I didn’t know that was going to cost me $18 and had tomato juice’, a apartment complex with no shows ‘because the car broke down when they hit a ‘toad’’, hotel rooms being trashed on schoolies week or a restaurant receiving last minute table cancellations or yet again even better no shows , a delivery place dealing with pranks all that time preparing and packing for nothing hey- not to mention the time and having to pay for your staff to take that order.
Now imagine if you by law you were not allowed staff. That’s right you regardless of how high you were in the business by law could not pay someone else to answer your phone buzzing day and night, open those emails that are constant day and night and to top it off a lot of them were a waste of time. To prove you’re a legitimate business you need to spend a lot of time tweeting or interacting and mingling on line and yep you got that right it’s you again. You cannot even hire a tax accountant legally for the end of year, and lawyers to protect your business are far and few. Not to mention if you had to prepare and pack the orders take it to their front door, wait and provide with services all at the same time. Now imagine if you were doing this on your own all the time? Then in the middle of the night the 4th time in a row you got a time wasting prank call. Do you think you would snap? Do you think you would loose your cool. A lot of you may say you would move your business. But gentlemen of Queensland- if you cannot take the time to read a girls rates, contact methods and respect her time there may be a few less privates offering their time particularly under qld law.. Now some guys don’t mind girls who do back to back, but I personally refuse to work like that, that’s not what I’m about and that is for another post.
The SW laws are different in every state but in qld private workers are to have essentially no assistance, besides licensed security personnel. I treat this as a career not just a pay to pay cash in hand avenue in my life- this career takes up a huge chunk of time in my life, I am smart and always working on some form of update or revenue and helping others is something I like to do so I am constantly trying to play my part in helping real world situations. My rates reflect this, I do not work in this line of work around the clock and am selective of the men I see as in one day no more than 3 regardless of situations will see me. In saying this somedays I will say no to all men who contact me, I cannot be bothered spending time with you if you cannot have the decency to correctly address me. This is not stuck up this is the plain truth, there is something most of us are taught as children- treat others how you want them to treat you. If you don’t respect me, I will not respect you. Simple.
I’m writing this as a worker a lot of sw may not agree with me but I am sick of the ‘available’ message or guys that must want me to call them their phone number. If you don’t want to be treated like a number please don’t act like one and to be honest it’s not what I’m about or who I am, I cannot give you a personal experience if you cannot even do much as provide a first name. . Think about it guys, a lot of SW work world wide, Australia wide, region wide. Or even locally a hour drive is going to have a different answer to 3 minutes down the road. At the end of the day time and effort can be saved for gentlemen wishing to book and also for the women they wish to see. Don’t want to be screened again please don’t bother contacting me- my body, life and safety are important to me- also my sanity.
I endeavour to respond to all enquiries personally within a 24 hours. Even with short notice bookings I do not sit there all made up in my lingerie. It would be like you sitting in your home not necessarily going anywhere in your business clothes and shoes. Bit silly right?
Some girls may be ready to go, but again that can all be seen with some reading. I am a busy with many business revenues I am working on, branching slightly off this industry I don’t have calls for a reason- if I had calls on I would have so many calls a day wasting my time and trust me, a lot of them are a lot more annoying than asking what is on ‘the menu’.
Now, I personally do not go around wasting people’s time in businesses. I pay my deposits and stick to my times, even understand if the orders are running late etc. immaturity when it comes to business is not a quality of mine. I ask for gentlemen to give me the same respect and value my time and effort.
Maybe this is something that needs to be thought about in Queensland. I pride myself in factually answering all enquires- sometimes having the option to have a pa or even just someone else managing my website is something I would enjoy based on the fact that I find a lot of people are just out there to waste time. Some girls that live in different states are lucky in this way. So generally I do have an auto response to calls and ‘you available’ messages as I don’t want to waste my time.
Spending time with flamingos in a floating, pink jacuzzi in San Francisco with Elvis Presley by My side is becoming a hobby of mine. The funniest part for me is when they don’t see the sarcasm. And believe me? Hmm well that in its self may explain a few things. Knock knock. Whose there? No one- no one who?
In short Life is short and I would much rather be working on my bigger picture than repeating my rates, terms of service, amount of notice and questions that have not only been answered personally by me on my webpage but every advertisement you have looked at that I have written time and time again.

For gentlemen that have booked correctly and even provided a name, you are always the gentlemen I most enjoy my time- I always feel a lot more respected and like I am attending a booking where I will be appreciated and safe and I hope I was able to show you my appreciation in a special way ;) to you gentlemen I hope you had a nice day. Xo.

This post maybe a little controversial, maybe a little too true and honest. I understand most people are after sexual posts, or glimpses into girls lives, here is one of the biggest glimpses into a big part of some of SWer lives. Please don’t be that guy to waste a girls time, read and respect their time and I’m sure you will notice your generally rewarded for your good behaviours and pleasantries- well your always valued by me anyway.
Armarni Bulkani

Have a nice day, thanks for reading

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