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On the 16th of May I had a photo shoot to update my gallery with a goal in mind- to provide a true representation of Armarni Bulkani.
Over the years since my previous photo shoot I feel I truly have taken shape and became more of a young woman who embraces myself. I no longer spray tan and I embrace my curves in a more tasteful and elegant manner. I have been described by many of my lovely regular gentlemen to have angelic facial features that are very 'Russian' and the most beautiful soft natural breasts. Generally most men are so delighted when I open the door and see my face that I blur away, some a little in awe of how much I reflect my images and how they display what will be behind the door.

I am thankful for that and thankful to announce all that has been done is facial and tattoo blurring due to protection of privacy and obviously light skin smoothing and a much better camera than mine!.. If I wasn't so protective of my privacy and my long term goals consisted of this industry and I didn't blur my face I think many would be stunned as I was blurring them I couldn't help but think how it's the best part that I am hiding away.

Something I wanted to display in this shoot is simplicity I used mainly satin wraps in hopes men are attracted to my body and the soft sensual tones used opposed to flashy lingerie, props or back drops. I provided some bed based photos for your imagination.
Any gentleman that has stayed with me knows I am incredibly sensual and passionate. I have true compassion and empathy and more often than not become in touch with those who spend time with me on a level of 'being'. I see many men who are in need of more than just the erotic pleasures involved in my career, I spend alot of time with men who crave intimacy and companionship. I do not like to be treated like a number or another 'punt' so i do not treat gentlemen who spend time with me that way.

I feel truly these images display my sensual yet erotic ways without over focusing on styling or over glamorising. I focused on me, sensual tones, femininity and more of a lady like presentation that displays my curves and sexuality.
Me as Armarni has developed and changed so much over the years, while I still have a very erotic and fantasy based premium service it still has so much sensuality behind it, even my relaxation service that is alot more sensual passion and erotic than most and described as nearly all the way with someone you have a level of connection with.

I am the type of girl who thinks of gentlemen as human beings and I think of their best interest not what's best for my bank account. I offer honest advice and spend a lot of time listening to all of the things that have been hard for men to share with those close to them and I am so thankful to have helped many gentlemen improve their lives and see things from a different perspective. To have helped young gentlemen struggling with confidence to attain dates and how to be confident and well presented. I am happy to have helped many people struggling with emotional upheaval and being their in people's darkest hours and helping create a smile. I'm glad I am not only a person that men see as a goddess to connect with in the sheets but a woman with conversation and booking a date in to talk and be more well known to each other on personal levels. So thankful to impact people's lives in a positive way and to be the companion I am today.

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