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How gaining Experience can change you.

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I have been sitting here this morning reflecting on the years that have passed, seeing how much I have changed. Not only physically, but intellectually, spiritually and emotionally. How the years have shaped me in my personal life and how that portrays into the parts of my life that I’m known as Armarni.
Lately I have been shifting things around and slowly rebranding my packages and re-writing my information because I feel like as a person and human being I have developed and changed so much, this is reflected in my work. All the parts that were adored about my personality I feel have enhanced and blossomed.

During my self growing stage, I Came to realise that it’s very important to me to be able to connect with gentlemen I meet with. Most of the men I do meet appreciate me not only as a sex worker, but as a person, a companion. I appreciate this.

I look back to when I first started sex work, I had small breasts, and less hourglass shape, I was curvy but my hips and breasts have definitely got there womanly shape now. My body artwork and embracing my soft porcelain white skin, I always used to spray tan. These days I find I embrace my skin and am confident in my body and it’s definitely gotten better.

Clearly with practice and time comes perfect with any skill. I have always been very skilled sexually and I do find that the more time I spend in this industry I’m constantly progressing, even surprising my regulars who thought there couldn’t possibly be better on previous sessions.

Intellectually I feel like I have found my direction and my intellectual passions. I feel like over the past 8 months I have truly digged deeper into myself and almost uncovered a map to all the destinations I want to go.

At present I am looking into how I can reflect my changes in my images, videos and my profile. Keeping things to the imagination prior to the bedroom is something that I have learned to embrace and enjoy. I’m excited thinking about photoshoots and ideas on how to portray my changes into a more sensual, exclusive and intimate companion.
Hope your enjoying your week I’m off to ponder some more
Armarni Bulkani

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