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So in honesty lately my life has been chaotic.. have you ever had so much to do you don't knowledge to start and you start becoming so stressed about not knowing where to start without even acknowledging All you have to do?
Haha... there is a reason I used no breaks in that sentence, no pauses or commas as that's how the past 2 months have been in my head.
I have a lot on my plate over the next few months and I think lately I had been trying to do it all at once which proved to be very taxing... I don't really know what happened over the past few days but I feel re-set and free again.
Maybe it's that knowledge that I can do anyhthing .. but everything is coming easier falling into place.
Bookings are more enjoyable and I'm no longer looking at the amount of stress involved in my new upcoming life and adventures. It's a positive change and it's feeling like one I'm under the pump for time and all i have to obtain but I like it...
I preform best under pressure maybe not the running around without a head pressure I was applying to myself, but the knowing I got this and here is the deadline pressure.
The last few weeks I have been enjoying being home on the coast more. Away from the hustle and bustle. I love the coast and hinterland it's been good to slightly unwind mentally. It's also been really nice to get in touch with some regulars up here who had missed me due to my increased presence in Brisbane... I have also met some really fantastic generous gentlemen and some with some seriously good hairstyles and cologne ..
I'm appreciating longer bookings and in honesty feel like both parties have more enjoyment with the longer time frames. Less clocks more... ha.
It's good to be feeling myself, less stressed and more excited and confident that I will get everything organised before my retirement in 94 days !!!!
Get booking.
Also due to increase in over night bookings I appear to possibly be removing tours and attending longer bookings Australia wide where suitable.
I prefer to spend my night with one person in honesty and will always preference these bookings as I find them more enjoyable and less stressful.
Overnight & sweet breakfast
Overnight & indulgent Day
Weekend of Armarni- 48 hrs of bliss
I'm offering reduced rates for these so far until the 10th due to enjoying these bookings more and just being able to provide a better experience for the gentlemen that want to indulge a bit more.
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Hugs and kisses
Armarni Bulkani

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