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I have been pondering on writing this much needed elephant on the room topic... as those who followed me previously know, I did infact retire.... Yet surprise, here I am. I have been asked countless times now why.
Maybe I should have realised I desperately needed a break not so much from the men I would meet, I screen well and only see ones I feel I will connect well with. More so from the social media, the endless enquiries without substance and ofcourse the dramatic parts of it all.

In my little venture as you may call it, I came to a discovery that I worked hard, very hard and for a long time I listened to so many saying I shouldn’t strive for certain intellectual goals I had as it’s a ‘waste of time’. I guess like anything you hear enough, I believed it. During my venture down south ;) I realised I really sought more from my professional career than the profession I was in.
So in short I am funding my studies, and well uni is expensive. Also starting to work on some side avenues that I find enjoyable so I am able to do those while I’m university.

Do I think I’ll be back for a long time? No, I don’t. not because I don’t like this industry, because I do and I am very good at my occupation as yours truly, but I see my life progressing at a desirable rate. I’m 25 this year- no lies there, and I cannot believe it- me 25!! Time goes way too quickly and estimating its incline of pace over the years, I feel like I will blink and be 30! Lol. I hope not...
maybe a year maybe 2 who knows. All I know is I’m not jumping the gun to early this time and I’m not listening to any negativity in my life just going after what i want.

I will be limiting my social media and will be using it more so as a discreet way that gentlemen can see my availability, and tours etc and also to connect with those I know.

I’ve become more selective, more attentive and also more private over my time off not just in my work life but also my personal life and so far I have been loving the drama free way of life and I will be keeping it that way.

Enjoy your week
Armarni Bulkani.

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