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Do Regulars Get a Better Service?

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I was thinking about this topic today... I'm not 100% sure why maybe put of gratitude for the lovely men I have got to spend prolonged lengths of time with over the montns and years that I have established special bonds with.
I think back to their first time seeing me, was it as good as those that followed.. No not even close, I guess for me I find myself becoming more comfortable with a man the more times I see him for me the lo get I see a man the better the sex and foreplay becomes. just like a barista may remember your coffee or suggest something new to you they think you will like when you frequent their cafe I remember and learn what's liked and will suggest more experimentation or scenarios as times progress that I think will be mutually enjoyed .
It's almost scientific really if you think about it, when women are aroused they relax, when feeling more comfortable and relaxed with someone you can become more aroused...
In saying that though I do believe in some cases there is a lifecycle in the provider-client/regular relationship, where in some circumstances a party can loose sight of the relationship and the beauty of if. Some times men think they want a relationship with me.... haha trust me you don't, enjoy the non nagging the non 50million messages a day or need for attention 24/7. Enjoy the 'relationship' or bond for what it is.
But.... I do find some men I have seen a few times or quiet alot of times, I don't get as strong bonds as I do others. I believe this is due to how I am treated, when im treated like I am special to a man not just another provider they see or so forward, I treat them with that same respect because I feel we develop more of a bond and rapport. Why? Because a booking turns into a provider/ regular relationship, they ask what I have been up to, tell me about their day or work situations etc. Share with me their deep feelings and thoughts and I genuinely try to offer advice if I have any or just be a ear if that is all I can be in that circumstance. We get more comfortable, get more real.
Some Men come to me with a overwhelming need almost aggression for affection when I first meet them, I can see this and feel it in their presence. I myself find a man opens up more after that need to be wanted and caressed from between the thighs has been fulfilled.
Alot of men have trouble talking about feelings or stressed etc and I find many will not open up about anything until after the 'deed' is done.. Funnily enough I find it easier to talk after this too I think because I find it easier to understand a man by the way he connects intimately.... (can see why I'm so awkward in civi life)..
But back to topic definately for me I treat my 'regulars' differently then I also have a tier or 'regulars' who are like my VIP's I believe they get this status in my mental list due to the way they treat me also the way we connect. We all have different interests and lifestyles, cultures etc but I do find the more common of those the more their is too talk about and it's a sense of familiarity and comfort. In saying that though I have alot of gentlemen who have very different lifestyles and cultures to mine haha... Although they sometimes cannot believe how much of a good girl I am we get on great but they generally have great personalities with the ability to make me laugh.... alot, or they are just very generous and sweet in nature. I've had a hugely variant life and my different ranges of upbringing and vast ray of hobbies and interests over the years ( could almost be 20 different people in the one body) makes me who I am, I am pretty versatile and so is my client/ regulars list. But I am strict, I don't like certain behaviours from men and I make it pretty clear as I always state there is a very good reason my last name starts with a capital B polite wording and respect is a must I don't like ill spoken words or exaggerated slang or disorderly conduct, just not my thing and while I don't mind people enjoying themselves I don't baby sit.
Anyways there is a delve into my some what twisted and confusing mind, men that know me get it. But those that don't I guess for me that's all I can disclose at this time.
Speaking of time not long now guys! I'm getting nervous but excited.
Come see me while I'm still hosting incalls. Remember though you don't become a 'regulars in the first 'date', although long bookings are great to break through some barriers.
Hugs and kisses
Armarni B xx

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