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Define discrimination- who too look for for change?

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I’m going to be controversial and I am going to come out and say it. I’ve never been a conformist and have always voiced my opinions something I struggle with in this part of my life every single day. You will love me or hate me. With either of those I am alright with whatever way you choose. I am me I’m not for everybody and I wouldn’t change a thing about me.
I see a lot of talk particularly on twitter, voting for equal rights which I am glad to have seen approved. People deserve to be happy.
But yet there is discriminating and belittling and bullying comments, posts, photos of messages that are mocking, characterising and stereotyping people based on race. I see people mocking peoples characteristics, mentality, body size, religion and colour of their skin.
This is something I cannot stand and no longer want to see. So please If you are a racist and discriminating person on twitter please do me the honour and save me the time and block me.
When people write something nasty particularly about something a person cannot change (something they shouldn’t want to anyway) you not only probably ruined that persons day but scared them forever in a way. Your nasty post could factually cost someone their life if they follow or see your twitter feed or even someone who replies- but not only will you hurt them, you will hurt everyone else you have mocked and stereotyped with your words.
I know you will hear this where ever in life you go and in any form of work. But I just want to stick my hand up and answer the question is this alright? The answer is NO!
It’s okay if you have preferences do this in a discreet way- there is no need to screenshot it and add a racial stereotype or even definition, posted all over twitter. We as SW do not like to be judged and mocked about or weight, age, physically features, scars, race or whatever- I feel we should give our clients that same respect in fact all human beings including each-other- if you have your personal reasons that’s between you and the client it doesn’t need to be globalised. It’s rude and toxic- if that person is on your twitter or page you may cost them their life if they see that post mocking things they cannot and in my opinion never should want to change. Drop the stereotypes.
I understand we get funny messages that are crazy and can make you wonder if a persons in space. But we do not need to list a persons race or bully a person when we post these funny crazy messages generally they speak for themselves.
We have hurtful things said to us all the time as SW, we can have some fabulous things said too, that so many people would wish to hear about themselves everyday. We are no difference to ambulance workers, police officers, hospital staff or crowd control in a night club at times- we deal with some crazy people sometimes- some will say things they don’t mean to say, some like children if they don’t get their way. Most are a delight- But at the end of the day we need to be the bigger people. We all want legalisation changed, legalisation in every state - it would stop so many hassles within the industry workers and clients alike. There are ways we can help this happen and it all starts with how we communicate with each other, as well as truths.

Unlicensed psychiatrist they say- but doesn’t a shrink tend to see a shrink specialised in dealing with shrinks at the end of the day? Wrap your tongue around that- Its not a sign of weakness, a lot of us have problems of our own, but some of us are there for others in their darkest times as well, we are their ear and we are their comfortable place.
We do deserve to have specialised, professional off the record help as well- not a counsellor or a volunteer- professional, work related help. Police officers suffer ptsd, so do a lot of ambulance officers- sometimes things can happen on the job. Sometimes preventable, sometimes- no. What I am getting at with this entire long winding post is we all have a different story. We all have different needs. We need to let each other express ourselves in our own ways- we are a industry preaching for freedom, anti- suppression and anti- discrimination at the end of the day- practice what you preach.
We are a industry seeking not only legalisation but non discrimination and a huge national change. And if we want to change our industry for the better we need to start to look with in. Following the words of the infamous Michael Jackson- ‘if you want to make the world better place take a look at yourself and make a change.’
Think about what you say- clients as well we SW are also humans at the end of the day, be mindful of what you say. if we treat each other better, let people be more open and honest about what’s going on, admit that there are things that need to be worked upon at the end of the day we can commit to a better change.
Sweeping issues under rugs and planting artificial flowers will not change a political view, you need to plant the seeds and clean the room. Discrimination I will start with you.
A lot of people probably won’t agree with me or like this post- but I am being open and honest, I want what is best for people and mockery, uncalled for humiliation or suppression of another’s thoughts or experiences is not the way to legalisation. Truth, raising each other up and positivity is the way.
Hope you all have a nice day
Armarni Bulkani

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