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Gentlemen where do I begin. I get asked this even when my availability is switched off... I understand in today's modern society we want things 'now'... but I know for myself and probably alot of my peers literally now does not exist when it comes to making an appointment yes even when availability is on. Short notice for me is 20-30 minutes not 5 not 10 and not now.
Why you ask... If I sat around in my lingerie waiting for bookings I would go crazy. I go to gym, have a swim, sauna race to get something to eat, clean like a normal person..but men do like and alot of the time expect a glamour although I'm always hair and make up cause that's just how I was brought up... I need to obviously touch up or infact remove re apply shower and change after all these things. Go have a coffee in a cafe or get something you need from the shops give a lady 20- 30 minutes notice it's truly not hard.
Available now is great for visibility but to me it means available for short notice bookings. I like too look my best and give my best service the longer notice I receive generally the better. Xx
So when you ask available now expect 1. For me to ask you to introduce yourself and stipulate what type of booking your looking for (ps the longer you take for this process the longer it takes for a booking)
2.then once confirmed it will be minimum 20 mins.
If I got up and ready for every man who messaged available now I would have no life.
Set yourself apart be prepared, introduce yourself and treat a sex worker the same you would any person... Hi my name is ..... wondering if you had time this afternoon for a hour gfe session incall....
It is not hard guys and by giving her time it allows her to be more relaxed, prepared and will not feel like your pushy... If 10 minutes longer than you wanted is too late and you cannot wait the extra 10 minutes for me possibly I am too good for you anyway .
I have come to learn over my years in this business rush for no one and if someone does not respect you via message or phone communication they will not in life. Also those who do not respect you are not worth your time or energy in work by seeing someone disrespectful you could miss out on an amazing client or worse be put out of work for weeks.
Take note how you come across... do you sound like every typical time waster in a girls inbox with "hey" "hi you available" etc etc.....
If so and you don't hear back from girls it may not be that they are busy they just might not wish to waste their time on those who do not read prior to contact.. maybe they would prefer to chill out in the hot tub with their friends instead of spoon feeding you questions to answer your question only to realise your on the other side of Australia anyway because you didn't read.
Just be smart think of escorting like a business transaction because that is what it is.
Think if you worked per job (alot of you do) now imagine you get calls and messages 24/7 At random and some maybe great leads others are just ridiculous e.g. how much does it cost to move my house?.... from where? To where? How much stuff do you have? Is their stairs? When do you move out and when do you move in? Then after spoon feeding this you get "ohhh sorry I thought you did international moves" when your website says Sydney to Melbourne removers.. gosh it's in your name even... get used to it you will get another 20-30 of these in under a week others just annoying can you move my house right now? I know it's 2am in the morning but can you move me right now? Im standing outside on your street please move my house now? Haha....
Don't be one of these guys. In business they are a waste of time and not worth the grey hair they cause.
Whether you see me or any other escort introduce yourself treat her like a human and put your booking request in initial message this will get you a happier escort and generally a better service.
No one likes they guy who it took 2 hours of your time to even schedule a booking because he didn't read.... thankfully these days I just tell them to move along.. but I've been there and in honesty there is anger there after stupidity like this and I may not be able to throw bowling balls through the phone like I requested on Twitter the other day.. but.
To summarise this in the shortest version possible- want a good time? Be a gentlemen with a business mind and point of view.
To the gentlemen
Hugs and kisses
or to
Time wasters lots of bowling balls
Armarni B xx

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