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Arousal and the uniqueness of stimulation.

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What do you like? What makes you click? Constant questions that in reality we cannot know until we have developed an atmosphere to explore each other’s preferences.
The awkward conversation most of the time isn’t one that needs to be had. Not in the moment. Of course every lady is different in what she likes and allows during her time with you.
Gauging this is generally something that can be achieved with a bit of reading and discussion prior to hitting the sheets with your chosen bed partner.
I know myself I prefer any of those discussions before we hit the bed, as I’m more of a passion in the moment girl, I don’t like to feel clinical during intimate time... I like to gauge what a man likes, I can sense it and I truly like to establish a deep connection that has a meaningful intention.
For me the flowing effect like things aren’t staged. The kissing flows, nothing too rushed. Hands moving slowly to where they should be. Teasing the clit before slowly sliding down and feeling just how wet I’m becoming. Teasing more before even sliding in your finger. Moving to the bed and removing my bra. Kissing of the neck, gentle bites slowly sucking the nipples. Kisses moving slowly south over the body before removing the panties and gentle grinding, feeling, moving. Heavy breathing and erotic thoughts and desires clouding the room. Passionate kisses and gentle but stimulating hands get me ready for you.
I find when a man sends a introduction message with a name, location and when they would like to see me as well as the experience they are after, what they are looking forward to the most, helps me greatly. I want us both to have a good time and to be suited to each other.
Things can be so varied in this industry, one man wants some sensual time deep caring and passionate. The other wants deep throat with gagging and dirty talk. Then there is the man who just wants it all cocktailed together with passion and spice and all things naughty and nice. Haha. But I want you to have the best experience and I want to have a good time too and knowing what your expecting helps me has insight into your desires. This takes off some initial nerves (yes I still get nervous sometimes) it enables me to relax and oddly enough I feel like I can interpret so much more about a man knowing his sexual desires and fantasies than what music and food he likes.
Maybe I’m more used to fulfilling sexual desires and delving into that space in a mans mind, maybe that’s where I feel most comfortable.
In conclusion we are all different, we all
Have different buttons, mine can vary too sometimes I can be dominant or I enjoy being submissive too. Sometimes I like to lead and show you all I can do sometimes I like to be innocent and leave the direction of our time together up to you.
So For the best time with me tell me a little about you, you don’t need to give me your social security number and where you grew up, but give me some insight into your desires. Nothing to detailed just are you after intimate, innocent and sensual or after the raunchy bad girl that should have made porn? Being a perfect combination of the above let me know what arouses you.
Armarni Bulkani

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