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Yes this industry can be a successful and bountiful one, yes it has its ups and its downs and yes it is all unique for each individual.
Some people enjoy the travel, spontaneous life and sometimes not knowing what will happen in a day...
For me, an admitted perfectionist and a person who deep down loves discipline and routine it is difficult. I like things to work well, align and everything to run smooth... I like to know what is expected so I can reach expectations and beyond. I like to have some what control over situations and schedules that align and work effortlessly...
I know that's almost impossible in most life circumstances but in honesty my years in this industry have tested this part of me more than anything. Not being able to have a weekly, or daily schedule is hard or even one that varies and times constantly change is hard for someone like me.
Before this line of work I used to time literally everything in my life and had set times for everything. eating, sleeping, training, work, study and socializing.... yes i had a timer to tell me to contact friends and family as those who are known to me personally and friends of me are aware I need... they sometimes wont hear from me for 6 months I get so busy and have so many schedules.
I guess thats a part of living what feels like 3 lives- those that know me via my work, those that know about my work and me personally, those that have no idea about my work. So in a way I am looking forward to having less lives too live and to feel a little less like the guy off the movie Split haha...
More than anything though a solid schedule, literally everything planned to a T, I am secretly a bit like Sheldon Copper off the big bang theory like that, I love doing graphs and things, monitoring progress, planning things and just being a general tedious weirdo... I do not live with others for a reason, lack of schedule and planning drives me nuts. Cannot, and will not deal with it.
I hate packing as well, although these days I don't really tend to unpack and have 2-3 of everything my home stuff for me, my tour hosting bag and my overnight bag. But I still really dislike the checking in process and then my planning and preparation kicks in- I set up my base... I always question why I do half the things I do when in particular on one night tours and things I have to unset it all over again in only a few hours time and have enough toiletries and things packed for two weeks. But I am a perfectionist and like to drive myself a little crazy.
Last minute bookings...
Men have no idea how stressful it can be to accommodate last minute bookings particularly when your a perfectionist. I love schedule and routine and that is something I hate about this industry is the rush of getting ready, then the variables that you have no control over... traffic, elevator outages, late taxi's, delayed flights. I cannot stand being late or disorganized but on top of that I really cannot stand not looking or feeling my best, when I feel rushed I don't feel at my best so I don't believe I am giving the best version of me, this is why I don't prefer last minute bookings I like some notice, and the more the better. I like to plan.
The good thing about this industry though is it forced me to live outside my comfort zone, I was in a pretty strict relationship for all of my young adult and teen life, this industry got me to live a life with a bit less structure and forced me to do things on my own that I usually had someone to do for me or assist with. Therefor, it has made me more independent and better young woman for my upcoming life, the additional time in particular pushed me mentally that has enabled me to do things that never in a million years thought I would do by myself in my personal life.
It also taught me to be more appreciative of time and not to waste it on those who do not deserve it or serve your life in positive ways. Time is the worlds most valuable resource, and there is no refunds.
I have met many smart and intriguing men in this line of work and had conversations that never would have been had, I have learned so many valuable life lessons and even established so many connections. I have met people from all walks of life, from all over the world and not just shook their hand at an event or something, I have met so many peoples true and venerable selves that usually in real life scenarios people do not see or know. Its a special kind of thing in ways, I have been many's ear and helped a lot of people through situations in life. I have also admittedly met a lot of people I at the time wish I hadn't, but from them I learned valuable lessons and seen what I certainly didn't want to be or entertain in my personal life or professional lives.

So in Summary of things there are somethings that have been driving me absolutely bonkers, as mad as a hatter ;) that in honestly I need to start trying to implement some changes for now because my personal life and the big changes that are rapidly approaching in my life are making me feel sea sick... and no that was not a typo.. I have so much to do and structure is so needed...
So I am going to trial and run a pre-booking special. But obviously no booking is prebooked without a deposit, if it goes well this is something I may keep for the future, but of-course each time with deposit. I will be releasing details by Tuesday at the latest, the details will be released here in special offers, announcements and also on my website news section and my twitter feed.
I also have some new services as I know many of my interstate gentlemen miss me and wish they could enjoy more time with me but are unable to afford FM2Y all the time or to visit me and many live in a particular state I cannot tour or visit due to not wishing to have my work listed on my file associated with my passport or personal documentation. These services are a little old school but I have done them before, I'm good at it and its a affordable and more discreet option for many that cannot afford to have as much time with me as they like. Details to come.
So far things are running on schedule and retirement from the industry will be occurring as planned in December I have been looking at bringing the date forward slightly also but will depend on some variables.
So another big week planned and hopefully many more scheduled.
I wrote this sitting here with my planners, diaries and schedules... paper is preferred but electronic spreadsheets across all devices are occurring as usual too.
Hoping you all had a great weekend
hugs and kisses
Armarni B xx

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