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The joy of couples dates

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The absolute pleasure of couples bookings

I get so excited when a couple contacts me. I feel honoured to be allowed into a couples space to share a bit of naughty fun. Here are some tips for maximum enjoyment…

Its pretty normal to be nervous

If you haven’t had a threesome before, or even if you have, its likely that everyone (me included) is going to be a bit on edge with anticipation for the first few minutes. The best thing to do is to focus on sitting downs for a few minutes (having a drink can help) and engaging in some conversation. Take your shoes off, sit on the sofa, sip on a glass of wine or water and I will wait for a gentle sign that you are both getting ready to have some fun. If funds allow, I would strongly recommend a booking of longer than an hour, so the time is not in the forefront of anybody’s mind. That said, an immense amount of pleasure can be had in an hour.

Do you have boundaries?

I would strongly recommend before booking a companion, you sit down as a couple and discuss what you are and are not comfortable with. You might be happy to dive in and go for it, or you may prefer that your partner doesn’t kiss me, or doesn’t go ‘all the way’. It may be your dream to watch your wife be devoured by another woman while you sit back and enjoy her being pleasured. My role is to make this an amazing experience that you will remember with a cheeky smirk on your faces as you catch up with your everyday friends who would never guess what you have been up to behind closed doors. I’m not going to lie, whatever we get up to, I’m going to enjoy it as much as you do. Escorts are safe threesome partners – its all open and honest fun with no strings. Life doesn’t get any better than that!

You’ve never gone down on a woman and you want to but you’re not sure what you’re doing.

Hello! Welcome to the mystery that is a woman’s body. Its part of what makes us captivating and intriguing, because every one of us ticks in a different way. I’m really lucky because I can ask your partner what things you may like. You’re really lucky because I am blessed with the ability to have excellent orgasms – even the thought of being touched by a woman is going to get me in a pretty heightened state.

There is a lot going on so make time to sit back and relax

It can be a little overwhelming, particularly for a guy, to have another person in the mix. Please don’t feel that you have to be doing two things at once, or that one person may be not as involved at a particular point in time. Overthinking is going to lead to pressure downstairs that you just do not need. I am completely comfortable just lying back and watching for a bit, and vice versa, happy to be doing all of the debaucherous things that can only be done with three people in a room.

Don’t overindulge
One recommendation I have, again, particularly for the gentleman is that alcohol should be kept to a minimum and drugs (apart from perhaps some Viagra if you need it) are definitely not going to help. A certain booking comes to mind where someone may have had some white powder before coming to see me and his lifelong fantasy of pleasuring two women went by the wayside thanks to a condition we will refer to as ‘coke dick’. I told him to Google it when he got home. Personally, I don’t mind a sip of wine, but I’m not going to engage in any illicit stuff, so thankyou not for offering or asking.

That was fun – can we do it again?

Absolutely – I love seeing couples on a regular basis. The better we get to know each other, the more fun we have. If trying a threesome is on your bucket list, give it a try in a safe, respectful and fun space. You may only want to try it the once but warning, it may be the kind of fun you could get used to


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