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To the lovely gentleman that lost his wife. It happened too young for you to be faced with that kind of grief. The only person you had ever shared your body and soul with. The shock of her illness and her passing must have been so hard for you. I would like to thank you for booking me. I feel privileged that you decided to trust me with this very big thing that you decided to do. To see another. I would also like to thank you for being clear about what it was that you wanted. Not to ‘go the whole way’ but just to enjoy each others company and to see what you could handle. You wanted to do a few things you had never done with your partner and to do a few things that you had loved doing with her. We had an absolutely fabulous few hours together and excuse me for welling up a bit - I hope you didn’t notice but I was so enamoured with your spirit and your willingness to try and move on. And your total trust in me. Thank you for making a second date and this time pushing yourself further. Again, many hours of bliss. You are now going back to your hometown and I will possibly not see you again. I won’t forget you in a hurry and I hope you can see yourself in the way that others see you. Go get ‘em tiger. And if you are ever back in town and need a dose of ‘Sonder’, you have my number.

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