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As insightful as advertising profiles can be, one could be forgiven for skimming through the written content in favour of going straight to the good stuff. We are, after all, simple creatures at heart, where images often captivate more than the written word. One only has to browse the images of any given escort directory to understand why. Therefore, I decided to write something for the avid blog reader, the potential client doing their due diligence, and all other curious minds. If you’ve ever wanted to be a fly on the wall during a booking with me, here is your opportunity.

Choosing to stow away my cookie cutters and recipe lists, I prefer my experiences to be natural and organic. Beyond the professional photographs that showcase my best poses and penchant for intricate lingerie, I’m just a whimsical introvert who likes understanding people; and let me tell you, you can learn a lot about someone by the way that they have sex. In fact, I secretly like leading myself and others into mildly vulnerable or uncomfortable circumstances. For example, I might suggest a messy style of food to eat on a first date, like ramen noodles or spaghetti. Or, I might remove my clothes and strike a dramatic pose within five minutes of entering a booking. Why? Because people are real when they’re vulnerable. I’m not afraid to laugh at getting spaghetti sauce on my blouse or to prance around in my birthday suit, embracing my curves and insecurities in order to lessen your nerves. I want to embrace being -me-, so that you can feel comfortable being -you-.

My truth about being an independent escort is that I have very little sex, but that isn’t a rule. It is my belief that there is a school of thought which laughs at the client who seeks intimacy and comfort, but if only they knew just how many people there were who value connection over sex - even with an escort. To be perfectly honest, while I have no preferences regarding booking length, I must admit that those in which I get to know my clients are my favourites. For me, knowing that my client gets to experience genuine affection and comfort is my hallmark of success - not the occurrence of an orgasm. That said, it’s fun to try for one. There’s a client of mine, C, who was told eight years ago that he would never be able to ejaculate again following the removal of his prostate. I’ll never forget the look of shock on both of our faces as we ‘got there’ one day, and although we both felt excitement at the occurrence, it was the level of comfort and trust that we shared that allowed that to happen, which we valued more.

I think that a lot of clients pigeon hole me, and compartmentalise me into the ‘vanilla girlfriend experience (GFE)’ category without much thought. The truth is that, depending on the company, I’m flexible. There’s another client, M, who I’m extremely fond of. M was my very first fetish client, who trusted me enough to teach me something new. In fact, I made him sit with me for thirty minutes before I would allow our booking time to begin, just so that we could clarify his needs and ensure that my understanding was completely solid. I’m so grateful to have met M, who showed me that I was capable of experiencing more than the GFE allows. Since meeting him, I have felt my self confidence skyrocket; choosing to take on disabled clients, couples, and to add some other kink and fetish-related things to my repertoire. Please don’t misunderstand me here, I’m not saying that I don’t offer a GFE. I certainly do. Instead, I’m illustrating that I have grown and learned to adapt to the needs of a wide variety of people - and I very much enjoy myself while I’m at it.

The biggest factor of each booking with me is trust. The idealist in me likes to believe that there is an exchange of trust in every booking, where both the provider and the client expose their vulnerability. They are, after all, getting naked together! Therefore, I allow myself to be myself. Very few people are capable of jumping into bed with someone that they hardly know, and though an hour (for example) might be a short amount of time, there is always a component of that booking which is spent on a ‘get to know you’ exercise. If I detect that a client is feeling nervous, or is having trouble getting from ‘A to B’ (so to speak), I will shamelessly ask the generic questions about their life, because I want to make this ‘real’ for them. Of course, there is no obligation to answer, but I’ll happily return the favour, if only just to show that I’m not a soulless machine or the objectified victim that society would have people believe. I have a life and a story and, if you’re willing to ask, I will happy share that story with you, because I value the trust that is exchanged by us being in such a vulnerable circumstance together.
This brings me to the topic of judgement. In April of last year, I opened an anonymous question and answer platform, which had a lifespan of approximately 18 months. Staggeringly, I received and answered over 1,500 questions during that time. This Q&A helped me to identify that the most common insecurity that clients have was not about their sexual tastes as I thought, but was instead about their physical appearance. From body size to having hair in funny places (or none at all), I faced a wall of insecurity from clients old and new - and it made me laugh! Not because I thought that their insecurities were at all funny, but because I related. I remember delaying my foray into sex work for well over twelve months, because I thought I was ‘too this’ or ‘not enough that’. I was overweight, and had stretch marks, curves, acne scars and ingrown hairs. In my opinion, I wasn’t ‘worthy’ of being a sex worker, much like these people feared that they were not ‘worthy’ of being a client. At the end of the day, I still have all of those imperfections, but sex work has made me love them. In fact, sex work has made me feel so comfortable in my own skin, that I spend most of my time (both with and without clients) naked. The beauty of engaging in a booking is that nobody cares about what each other looks like - there are better things to do! In short: you are safe with me.

Speaking of safety, I feel the need to talk about discretion. To put it simply, I have absolutely no desire or motive to disrespect you or your privacy. As someone who values things like wellness and positive mental health, it defies my core beliefs to do anything that would place someone in an uncomfortable position. In belief of this, I suppose, my clients will show their trust in different ways. Some are willing to talk about their personal lives with me, or show me pictures of their families. Others will give me their home addresses (as opposed to booking a hotel to meet in), or will make a full payment in advance. Whether it’s related to my dress sense (and I’m not referring to the fashionable kind) or code of conduct, my clients know that I prioritise discretion above all else, and it shows. Unless you ask me to, I will never channel my inner Julia Roberts, and I will never disrespect you - publicly or privately.

If you looked to this post in the hopes of reading some sort of pornographic reiteration of what goes on in my bedroom, I’m sorry to disappoint. As I mentioned previously, this post was about insight. I took the key values outlined in my profile and expanded upon them to, hopefully, show that my words are more than clever marketing. I hope that by now you realise the extent of my caring and compassionate nature, and can see that as much as I value some good-old-fashioned sex, there’s a little more to me than meets the eye.

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